Gifts for the Stationery & Paper Lover From Moleskine, Cavallini & Co and Fabulous Stationery!

I love stationery.

Cool crisp sheets of a gorgeous new notebook reek of artistic and creative possibility. A pretty file folder makes putting away the bills a pleasurable experience. And beautiful personalized cards allow me the opportunity to extend thanks or thoughts to someone in a stunning manner.


The NEW Volant Moleskine Notebooks are a wonderful way to capture your thoughts and be stylish. These soft-covered beauties come in packs of 2 in 2 different shades of the same colour - black, blue, green, pink.

I got the green to shoot a little colour into this very grey winter and boy are they beautiful!

The paper is typically Moleskine - acid-free paper that's thread-bound with detachable sheets for the perfect accessory to you on-the-go lifestyle.

There are 96 ruled pages (with the last 16 detachable), which means that they might just hold of your New Year's Resolutions after all!

Cavallini & Co.

I have learned in these last 3 years working from home, the importance of beautiful everyday items.

Up until just recently, I have been using coloured folders from the office supply store. I figured using blue and burgundy was kind of living it up, compared to the usual (and boring) manilla ones that everyone in offices relies on.

But then I found pretty ones, with patterns and scenes and montages. And because my working environment is completely mine, I wanted it to be practical AND pretty. And even if you just have a little desktop hanging file where you put your bills and correspondence every month, why not pretty it up?

Cavallini & Co.'s File Folders are breathtaking images of birds, butterflies, Paris, flowers and the globe. I think that this is a much more sumtuous way to organize your papers. I can't tell you what a difference it has made to my filing systems - it actually decreases the dread of seeing the Bills, Taxes and To Do folders. Now I just see pretty birds and flowers and somehow the inner contents don't seem so bad after all!

Fabulous Stationery

I love personalized notes and stationery as it is a way to truly express yourself - and your style.

And Fabulous Stationery specializes in personalizing your notes and cards that reflect you and your lifestyle - so you can go contemporary or artsy, pick a calm or boisterous design.

The Eco Still Life Cards for Couples is modern and fun as is made of recycled paper, as are the matching envelopes.

And if you want a calling card that stands out, Penelope, Sakura, Blue Fish, Jumble Combo and Louie's Luxe are all fun, vibrant designs that you can choose to speak on your behalf.

I love that you can pick designs that are truly you - all without the muss and fuss of having to design them yourself!

Stephanie Dickison

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