Get Yourself Ready For the New Year!

So now that you've had a little time off from work and a few moments to review the year and think about next year, what have you come up with? Do you want to spend more time with family? Do you want to take that vacation that you've been putting off for the last few years? Is it time to renew your membership to the gym?

While I can't help you with those concerns, I have come up with a few helpful products that cannot only improve your life, but help get you sorted out and on your way by the new year.

Good Luck!

Fix Your Back & Neck Problems With An Environmentally-Friendly Ergonomic Pillow

I had a memory foam ergonomic pillow once. A boy gave it to me and I thought it was a sweet gesture.

But all those chemicals right up in your face - that can't be good for you. So I went back to a regular pillow but missed the support of my neck and the relief it gave my back.

That's why I was so thrilled to find the Essentia Ergnomic Pillow! It is specially molded so that your neck is supported and yet uses Essentia's patented "natural memory foam," so that you don't have to put up with a synthetic petroleum based pillow anymore.

What is so incredible about it is that it is the ONLY natural memory foam manufactured in the world and it is made from allergy free 100% natural latex. I know latex sounds awfully imbued with chemicals, but the way Essentia does it "our patented manufacturing process infuses organic essential oils, plant extracts and water into the foam composition to give it a memory foam like feel. "

So no toxic ingredients, no chemical off-gassing & odor and it's 100% biodegradable! It comes with a 20 year warranty and is said to be 80% more breathable than conventional memory foam.

So instead of going out and getting a toxic memory foam pillow because they are on sale this week, get yourself one from Essentia. It's better for you in every way possible.

Which means that you may want to upgrade your mattress right about now...

Stop Hair Loss in its Tracks

There are many problems that we all have that are fixable, yet if you don't know what product works, you've probably already given up on it, or at least put it on the back burner for now.

But if you're suffering from hair loss, there is something you can do!

Ducray Laboratoires Dermatologiques in France have come up with a system to help.

Chronostim Day & Night Hair Loss Treatment is a 2-bottle system for thinning hair. This is neat because you are using one in the morning and one a night, ensuring that your hair and scalp are being constantly nourished and treated.

There are explicit instructions and once you're in the routine, it'll become second nature.

Anaphase Hair Loss Shampoo can be used as much as you like, as it has no damaging side effects, so if you're not ready for the 2-step system, this is a good alternative.

Before long, you may not have regained back your full head of hair, but you will have prevented more falling out!

I told you that you could do something...

Finally Do Something With Those Boxes and Boxes of Photos

The new year is often about cleaning and sorting out your life, whether that means taking that class that you've always wanted to attend or organizing the papers on your desk.

Most of us, I think, have photos that either remain on our hardrives forever, never to be printed, or have boxes of photos that we have every intention of putting into an album "someday," but never get around to it.

That's why you should create a SmileBook Photo Book.

Their reasons include:
  1. Preserve your favorite digital photos forever in a book-store quality photo book.
  2. Create professionally bound photo books in as few as three simple steps.
  3. Download free software, and then work on your book anywhere, without connecting to the Internet.
  4. Become an author – turn your children's books, cook books, travel books, any idea you have, into a professionally published book.
  5. Give the gift of precious memories. Create books as gifts for holidays, birthdays, anytime.
You can't argue with that. And you should see the quality of the book. It is an extraordinary piece of work, with a thick, professional cover and really, you could never, ever, make your albums look this good! Just look at how cool it is! And here are the custom books.

This is one of those things that once you do, you wonder why you waited this long. And you'll also want to tell everyone you know!

Except don't tell those with birthdays coming soon, because you won't want to ruin their birthday surprise...

Stephanie Dickison

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