Get Glam This Season in 2 Easy Steps With Doll Face Natural Beauty Cocktails & BVain Cosmetics!

Okay, so we went from having a quiet Christmas at home to hosting people for dinner all week as well as traveling to friends and family.

How did that happen?

Oh well, it's a nice thing, but now you've got to get ready in a hurry. But don't worry - here are 2 lines to help you go from ugh to oh! in just a few seconds.

Happy Holidays!


Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Editor - the knack

Doll Face Natural Beauty Cocktails

Want fresh and handmade face products? At Doll Face Natural Beauty Cocktails, each product is "carefully handmade using the freshest natural ingredients including organic juices, flower extracts, sea plants and botanicals. These unique combinations allow for improved delivery of the highest level of actives, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to ensure that each product targets where treatment is needed."

The result? A face that is nourishes and radiant, without harmful chemicals or synthetic additives! All in eco-packaging to boot!

I have found a great 3-step method to getting your face washed and moisturized in record time!

Begin with Hoopla Enzyme Cleansing Wash. This thick wash lathers thickly and goes to work on cleaning your skin without stripping it. The green tea fragrance is calming while soap bark, sugar cane, sea kelp and vitamins A, C and E go to work on getting of the daily grime that's made it onto your face!

Move to the Shanghai Conditioning Toner, a clear liquid that smells of ylang ylang and cucumbers and gets your skin prepped for moisturizing.

Slather your face with Perpetual Moisture Cream, that conditions and nourishes your skin with shea butter and aloe. This is a great winter cream and gets rid of all those dry patches, including that sore one under your nose!

See? That took no time at all!

B Vain Cosmetics

Okay, so now you've got to get pretty in no time. That's easy with B Vain Cosmetics.

Daub on a little B Vain Mineral Foundation. It goes on smooth and gives you a natural look, but with a little added oomph. Made from 100% pure crushed minerals, this foundation is free of preservatives and chemicals. There are a range of colours to choose from.

Next, the eyes have it! Swipe on a dramatic look with 3 Stripe Baked Eye Shadow. There is a dark, medium and light shade so you can blend or use one at a time - whatever your desire and time constraint! What's cool about this shadow is that it's been baked on Italian terracotta tiles and the result is a smooth finish with a lot of colour and staying power. And it can be used wet or dry for even more versatility!

To finish off the eyes, Precision Eye Liner is the way to go. Unlike most eyeliners, this one has a kind of carpenter pencil edge, so you can a precious line along your lashes (finally!). You can also turn the slanted edge up to create a dramatic cat eye.

And don't forget your lips! Just a quick touch of Lip Shine Lip Gloss oughtta do it.

I got Yella, which is a beautiful rose colour that is completely flattering and oh-so feminine. it's not sticky but is really glossy with a full burst of colour - just what I want in a lip gloss.

Now you're looking good and ready to go! I told you it would be fast!

Now go out there and have a great time!

Stephanie Dickison

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