essn Drinks & Fastachi Nuts Make Breaktime Fun!

Just because I work at home doesn't mean I don't need a mid-afternoon break.

I love having a short time in which to stretch my legs and get a healthy snack!

essn Drinks

After trying essn Sparkling Fruit Juices and ENERGY I am hooked!

The 100% juice is so refreshing and tasty and the addition of a little bubbly makes it a celebratory part of my day.

I love the range of flavours available - blood orange and cranberry, fuji apple juice, mango & passion fruit, meyer lemon, minneola tangerine, and pomegranate & montmorency cherry. Take that, drink-in boxes!

And if I need a little extra jolt, I turn to essn ENERGY.

With Kenyan green tea, Brazilian yerba mate, and guarana, it is natural afternoon boost with
antioxidant-rich pomegranate with a hint of lime flower. Mmm. And because it's free of additives, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup, I can drink it with peace of mind.

Can you say that about the pop or juice in your hand?


I love nuts for their protein-packed power and their taste.

But I get bored easily and if I have pistachios and peanuts from the bulk store one more time...

I wanted something fun and exciting and that would be a powerfully nutritious snack.

I found it all with Fastachi. Check out these incredible mixes:

Extra Nutty Mix - salted cashews, salted almonds, unsalted almonds, salted hazelnuts, unsalted hazelnuts, salted pistachio meats - enhanced with salted peanuts, unsalted peanuts, red skin peanuts, sesame peanuts, toasted corn, and salted squash seeds.

Napa Medley - salted almonds, salted pistachio meats, salted peanuts, apricots, peaches, and cranberries

Hot & Sour Wasabi - wasabi peas, roasted almonds and peanuts, red skin peanuts, dried cranberries and golden raisins

PB & J Mix - roasted peanuts, salted peanuts, and dried cranberries

Fiesta Nut Mix - ried mango, papaya, pineapple and cranberry, alongside banana chips, salted cashews, salted peanuts, salted pepitas, roasted almonds, red skin peanuts and sesame sticks

All of a sudden, my afternoons just got a whole lot better.

And guess what will be filling the bowls at my parties this holiday season? Talk about memorable...

Stephanie Dickison

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