A Punkin Card Company Offers Beautiful Handmade Cards & Stationery

Simple designs that evoke sheer pleasure and warm memories.

Those are the kind of cards you'll find at A Punkin Card Company.

Artist and designer Amie Needham says that "A Punkin Card Company creates stationery to change lives, evoke style and stir creativity."

How awesome is that?

And her cards do cause a little stir when you see them. It might be that the old fashioned sketches and antique colours have a decidedly modern edge that makes them the perfect writing accessory for 2008 and 2009.

I got a card of robin's egg blue with a hearty, yet empty nest sitting at the card's edge. It's enough to make you want to weep.

And the sweetness of Paisley Birdy is contemporary with a pinch of old times past, making it suitable for all ages and occasions. Just like her Hello card. Isn't that just the nicest thing? Don't you want to get a box of 'em and send 'em out to everyone you know?

Me too!

You should know that all of A Punkin Card Company's cards are handmade from recycled materials using a flat printing process. And that custom work is a big part of the business, so if you're thinking about personalized Christmas cards and invitations or cards to ring in the new year, Amie can do that too.

In fact, she does it all!

You can read about it on her blog and see her amazing work via Etsy.

Stephanie Dickison

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