Outfit Your Computer, Phone and MP3 With the Latest Accessories From Brando & Proporta!

You've probably got a computer, phone and mp3 player. It's just the way we live these days.

But chances are you haven't accessorized it with the things that will help you the most, save you time and energy.

Isn't that how you want to start the new year?

Check these out:


I have been using Brando for a couple of years for their great selection of accessories and for hard to find items.

I got the USB Portable DVD Multi Drive.

It allows us one more drive in the house, as well as a backup should mine or my fella's stop working. I like to think of it as peace of mind as well as another way to burn CDs or watch DVDs.

And if you use your TV as a computer screen, you've gotta try the USB 2.4Ghz RF Wireless Multimedia Tiny Keyboard! Not only are the keys soft on your fingertips, but the ball mouse is right on the keyboard. And the left and right click are on the back of the keyboard, so that you can use it on your lap on the couch and click like you would with a video controller - what fun!

You can use it for travelling, different rooms in the house, pack up to take to the office or simply as an extra that thankfully doesn't take up a lot of space.

And for my smartphone, I got the amazing 3-in-1 ExtUSB Headphone Adapter, which allows me to easily convert the mini USB to a way to charge my phone, use a 3.5 mm stereo jack and gives me a built-in microphone and answer button.

Why use just what comes with your phone when you can customize it to your specific needs?

I love that you can find fun and quirky gifts here, even if you end up keeping them for yourself!


I have also been using Proporta for my go-to place to get the latest in accessories for my all of my tech needs.

Never have I not been able to find what I'm looking for. When I needed a case and screen protector for my fella's kind of elusive Archos 5, Proporta had both!

And when I needed a laptop bag for his crazylong tablet, their Protective Laptop Bag was the only one that had everything he needed - size, lots of pockets, a place for your headphone wire to thread through as well as a place for your laptop cable so that you can charge it while it remains in the bag!

That, along with the padding, long strap and durable Cordura material makes it the best bag he's had yet.

Their customer service is phenomenal -personal and friendly, which means that if you need suggestions or help, you can get it here.

I am a lifetime customer because they always have what I need - and get it to me quickly.

Which means if you're still looking for a Christmas present for that special someone, I bet you'll find it here!

Stephanie Dickison

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