Make Entertaining Easy This Holiday Season!!!

Entertaining during the holidays can be one of the most exhausting tasks if you don't prepare properly.

So I went in search of products that will help get the party started - and keep it moving all night long!

These are fun and unique finds, so grab your party list and make your parties this holiday season what people gush about at other parties.

Cecily Ink Paper Table Settings

I always want to set a pretty table but to be honest, I find it hard enough to clean the house and buy and then prepare all the food. So often my table is usually lacking in presentation.

That's why I am so grateful for Cecily Ink Paper Table Settings. There are 4 pretty designs to choose from (I got the pretty summer floral one, that I think works all year round) and includes everything you need in one small, very pretty package.

There are 8 place cards, 8 coasters, 8 wine glass rings and 8 napkin rings (tape included!).

They are all made from paper, so they are environmentally friendly and could be reused if you don't spill any food or wine on them.

And because it all matches, it makes you look like the hostess goddess you are, but much more organized and you know, put together than the frenzied person you are trying to get everything ready and perfect.

I'm calling this the "lifesaving dinner party kit," but you'll want to simply ask for the Paper Table Settings.

Verterra Organic & Compostable Dinner

Made of fallen leaves, these plates and platters and so beautiful you may not want to use them.

But you can - and in good conscious this time. Because by using pure materials you, as Verterra says, borrow—and then return—these gorgeous vessels to the earth as they are organic and 100% compostable.

They are also all natural, chemical and bleach free, non-toxic, made of 100% renewable plant material and biodegrades naturally in 2 months. They are reusable and microwave, oven and refrigerator safe.

No chemicals, lacquers, glues, bonding agents or anything toxic are ever used!

What is so fascinating about them is they look like they are made from wood, but no trees were harmed in the making of these platters and plates. They are made from fallen leaves on plantations (that would normally be burned) and the people making them live in developing regions in South Asia.

It is one of the most beautiful cycles of making an item I've ever heard of. And boy do I want to support processes like this!

There are wonderful 9x6 square platters, 9x6 rectangular platters (great for serving hors d'oeuvres!), 6" square plates, 6x8 rectangular platters as well as fun hexagon plates and platters.

I am going to use these for a luau party in the new year (they are so tiki!) as well as for a fun "take out in" night where I make take-out type foods at home for my fella and I.

I am also just going to keep a couple on our breakfast bar so that I can look at them every day.

1. because they are simply stunning and 2. because I'll think of the falling leaves, the people picking them up and working so hard to make these beautiful vessels that have ended up in my home.

Pillitteri Estates Winery Icewine

If you have never tried icewine because you've heard it's too sweet or you don't think you'll like it - think again.
Pillitteri Estates Winery Icewine while it is sweet, is not sugary or syrupy like other brands. You can smell and taste tropical fruits and we have enjoyed it with everything from fruit cake and ice cream to cheeses and jellies.

What I like about the Pillitteri Estates Winery is that they offer so many icewines to choose from. And here you thought there was just one kind!

They have a number of new releases, which is very exciting. I had the 2004 Shiraz Icewine, which our guests went crazy for and indeed changed a lot of preconceptions about what icewine can be.

I love the bold sweetness blended with the acidity and fruitiness. I love doing tastings with it as you would a Cabernet Sauvignon or Beaujolais.

It is a stunning experience that certainly should not go missed this holiday season.

Ravi Instant Wine Chiller

Red wine is often served too warm, which means while you're paying all that money for a great bottle, you're missing out on the fruitness of the wine.

Don't worry - Ravi will save the day!

The Ravi Instant Wine Chiller is amazing. You keep it in the freezer, assemble the 2 parts, instert into the bottle opening and when you pour, it chills the wine from room temperature to cellar temperature (12 to 16 degrees Celcius).

And it chills the wine, not the bottle. How cool is that?

So when your friends say that this is the best wine that they've had in a long time, you don't have to tell them how much you paid for the bottle or even that you used the Ravi.

It can be our little secret.

Enjoy your wine the way it should taste. You won't believe what you've been missing!

Stephanie Dickison

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