Life is Hard Enough. Get These Products to Help You Simplify and Get the Job Done!

At this time of year, our house is overflowing with paperwork (two writers working to deadline) on top of all of the holiday food, cards, presents and wrap. It's more than a little overwhelming at times, but to be expected during the holidays.

That's why I find it really important to go through your stuff and get rid of anything you don't want or use and really clear through all of the clutter that you've accumulated throughout the year.

As well, you want to be sure to get items that really work and save you time and energy. It's a good time to become more efficient and get products that do the work for you.

Here are products designed to specifically do jobs that are often tough to do with just one item - until now! And to have one thing to do the job will save drawer space like you wouldn't believe!

Get organized and get the job done right!

The Cheese Knife

If you don't have The Cheese Knife, I highly recommend it.

For years, we've been using a kind of horizontal cheese scraper that in theory seems like a good idea, but never has it really come through for me. The cheese sticks or breaks off and I am left wielding a regular cutlery knife that leaves me with a pile of expensive cheese that is neither presentable or quite frankly, usable. Not at a dinner party anyway.

But then I found The Cheese Knife that slices cheese so beautifully and easily, you may weep a little upon your first use.

And while it is yellow and plastic, do not think that it makes it at all cheap or flimsy. It is after all, heat resistant, dishwasher safe and stain resistant, as well as FDA approved. So there!

Created by Harold Joseph Fairchild, this extremely light and easy to use utensil will be your most beloved item in your cutlery drawer. It has honestly changed our lives - you buy more and eat more cheese because you can actually slice it with ease now. You'll cook with it and enjoy new tastes and textures.

There are 3 to choose from- a small, large and serrated. Buy yours here.

Purosol All-Natural Cleaners

I have been switching to all-natural cleaners for the last couple of years. It takes awhile to find one that you feel works well, that smells good, etc.

And that's great - if you want to clean your floors and windows.

But what about cleaning your camera, jewelery, plasma screen and your marine equipment?

Thankfully, Purosol thought ahead and created environmentally safe cleaners that also really work. Now you can clean your television screen without harming yourself or the environment, without harming your precious belongings.

Made from organic plant solvents and completely hypoallergenic and non-toxic, finally your jewelry will be sparkling and your television screen crisp and clear!

WowBacon Cooker

If you're like me, you love the idea of cooked bacon for breakfast and/or lunch and to add to dishes for dinner.

But cooking it causes such a mess (and often smoke at our place) and then there's the lingering smell, the clean up - it goes on and on...

But thanks to the WowBacon Cooker, you can now cook bacon that tastes freshly broiled - all in mere moments in the microwave!

The cooker looks like a small kettle and you simply slip the strips onto the holders and put it in the microwave - you get beautifully cooked, seemingly broiled bacon each and every time.

So no more splatter, drippings, paper towels and pools of fat - they drip right off while cooking, instead of sitting in them.

And burnt bacon is now a thing of the past too!

It's that good, it's that easy!

Get yours here.

Stephanie Dickison

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