Kiss My Face Makes Fun & Completely Natural Products For Kids!

Man, if I was a parent, I would be freaking out about everything my kid touched and ate. With all of the chemicals and toxins floating around, you really have to be careful.

So when I received some products from the new line of 100% natural and biodegradable products for kids from Kiss My Face Kids, I thought, here's a company that's really doing something and making a difference!

Take the Kids A Whale of a Soap for example. Not only are these 2 killer whales just the cutest, but this soap is chemical free, cleans all the dirt and grime that a kid collects in a single day and smells like a creamsicle, thanks to a blend of natural essential oils. How cool is that?

And for those cold winter days when chapped lips are as common as a cup of hot chocolate before bed, 100% natural Kids Lip Balm is the bomb! They come in a pack of two and in the yummiest of flavours - orange and grape. They contain canola oil, organic beeswax and aloe to keep your kids lips soft and smooth. And you know what? I'm keeping the grape for myself. Why should kids have all the fun?!

Safe, fun products that will keep your kids looking and smelling great. Now if only they would pee before you get them bundled up for outside...

Stephanie Dickison

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