Healthy Fare That's Fun From Wholemato, Bear Naked & CherryPharm!

I am always looking to improve my diet - eat healthier, whole foods.

But there's one caveat - it's got to be quick to fit into busy lifestyle. However, I have found some wonderful products that are nutritious and wholesome, all the while being adaptable into my crazybusy schedule!

Wholemato Ketchup

Finally, a healthy ketchup! As you have probably read over the years, the usual grocery store ketchups contain a heck of a lot of sugar. But thanks to Wholemato, there is finally a wholesome ketchup that is organic, made with agave nectar, and reaches only a glycemic level of only 7.

That means, that instead of dousing your meatloaf, hamburgers, hotdogs and potatoes in pure sugar, this organic ketchup is gluten free and made with natural ingredients.

Nowadays, you want to buy a good, whole ketchup to add to your free-range, grain-fed eggs. And now you can! Get healthy condiments to add to your food.

You and your body will be glad you did!

Bear Naked Granola

Walking down the cereal aisle, I am amazed and stunned by all the choice.

I am also completely overwhelmed.

If you are anything like me, you want a nutritious cereal without all the preservatives and additives. You just want something that will start your day off right!

That's why I am a big fan of Bear Naked's All Natural Granolas!

Their Fruit & Nut Granola contains only:

Whole grain oats, Honey, canola oil, almonds, Raisins (raisins, glycerin), Sweetened dried cranberries (cranberries, sugar, glycerin, sunflower oil), coconut, walnuts, pecans, maple syrup, oat bran, Ground flax seed, Toasted sesame seeds.

And it is damn tasty!

Same goes for their Apple Cinnamon, Peak Protein, and other fun flavours. It is just whole ingredients that are good for you and taste great!

I love that I can start the day knowing that I have eaten well and fed my body the goodness it needs to get me through the day. I also like it as a late night snack or mid day meal. It also is great dry as a energetic pick me up.

In other words, it is fine meal and snack that I can eat in with a clean conscience and a satisfied stomach.

Can you say that about your current breakfast cereal?


Have you noticed lately that healthy "juices" are often filled with sugar and calories and other things deeming it completely unhealthy? Just yesterday I bought a juice because I was feeling a little depleted and the blend of fruit juices didn't contain any vitamin C or A? How is that even possible and would I have been better off buying water?

Well, with CherryPharm, you don't have to worry, because it is a not-from-concentrate all-natural tart cherry juice (about 50 whole tart cherries per bottle).

This means that with each bottle, your body is receiving a high amount of antioxidants and it can actually result in clear, radiant skin and help to reduce inflammation.

All in one little, delicious bottle!

What's great about this drink is that you can practically feel the energy and fortifying nutrients coursing through your body as you drink it. Forget that extra cup of coffee or a can of Red Bull - get a bottle of CherryPharm and feel your body come alive!

And if you don't believe me, the precise juice extraction technique was developed at Cornell University Department of Food Science & Technology, and I think they know what they're talking about.

Cornell, people. Cornell!

CherryPharm is made from real ingredients that you can pronounce. And it tastes good - tart, but good.

I'm making the switch to real juice. How 'bout you?

Stephanie Dickison

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