Fix Your Hair and Your Nails in Time for the New Year!

Some people have particularly weak hair and/or nails, but that doesn't mean that you have to accept that as your fate!

I have found wonderful products to repair and restore your locks and nails back to their healthy state and really, if you start now, you could have a whole new, healthier you by New Years.

Imagine getting a few resolutions out of the way now! How amazing would that feel?!


If your hair is thin and lifeless and you are in serious need of a serious recharge, look to PhytoSpecific.

Click on Treatments for Phytogrowth Serum and Cap'Energy.

I love the serum because you put it on and don't rinse it out. The gingko biloba and other ingredients go to work on plumping out your hair and making it stronger so that you finally can have the hair you've always wanted - all without doing anything but putting it on.

I love that it transforms your hair but is so low maintenance on your end. You can put it on and do what you'd usually do - work, watch TV, whatever - and all the while your hair is being pampered and healed!

It's perfect for that girl or guy that wants a solution to their thinning hair problem, but doesn't want to devote a lot of time and money in salon treatments.

And the Cap'Energy is great for those of you who are pressed for time, but really need to address that temporary hair loss issue. Just pop a capsule and get on with your day! All sorts of vitamins and minerals go to work on your hair and scalp and even your nails, making them stronger while adding vitality.

PhytoSpecific addresses your problems while allowing you to live your life - perfect for those of us that want to do things other than sit under foil and a heat lamp all afternoon!

Custom Nails

Custom Nails has a wonderful line - Develop 10 - that is specifically designed to strengthen and fix your nail problems!

Develop 10 Program is a fabulous all-in-one treatment that strengthens your nails. If your nails are thin and peeling, this is for you. You put it on and in just a few days, you'll see and feel a difference. Long and beautiful nails can be yours!

And to add layers to your weakened nails, Calcium Gel is a natural way to build up your nail's strength. The gel does not have formalehyde, so you will be treating your nails safely.

If yellow nails are your problem, they won't be much longer thanks to Yellow Buster. A quick application of this nail brightener gets the yellow out while preventing and protecting them from yellowing further! What a great product!

And if you have a nail fungus problem, help is here! Clearly Fungi Free goes to work on your damaged nails without the smell of tea tree oil that you find in most treatments. Also, it comes in a bottle with a brush like regular nail polish and is not oily like other brands, which means you can swish it on and actually walk around without worrying about oil dripping down your foot. It also can be applied before or after other nail products, which I've never seen before - so you can treat your fungus and have pretty nails at the same time. Awesome.

To keep your hands and nails nourished, Develop 10 Nourishment Moisturizing Creme is fantastic! It is completely non-greasy, sinks in instantly and smells pretty.

Look, we all have problems with our hair and nails. It's nothing to be ashamed of. And now, your problems are going to be solved!

Just think - you'll have the hair and nails you've always dreamed of. And if you start now, you could have a whole new look by New Years!

Stephanie Dickison

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