Eucerin Products Keep My Skin Smooth & Moisturized No Matter What the Weather!

Now that it's getting darker earlier and colder outside, you've got to start thinking about changing not only your wardrobe, but your skincare for the season.

With harsh winds, colder temperatures and dry heat with closed windows in the house, this can be a brutal time of year on your skin.

And there is no better protector than Eucerin products (you can pick your country here). Check out just a few of their amazing creams and lotions:

10% UREA Body Lotion

You know when your skin is so dry, it itches? It feels tight on your hands and legs and well, everywhere. That's what I like to call winter skin. After a week of howling winds and having to walk with your back to the driving snow, this is what happens to my skin.

So, this winter, I'm relying on my 10% UREA Body Lotion to keep my skin smooth and moisturized. It sinks in quickly without being greasy and doesn't leave that slick feeling on your arms and legs that some creams do. It goes to work quickly, so your skin feels refreshed and smooth and ready to take on whatever it comes it's way - and where I live, that can include snow, hail, sleet, ice, rain and cold, cold winds!

5% UREA Replenishing Face Cream

Like a refreshing splash of cool water, 5% UREA Replenishing Face Cream offers you immediate moisture, leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft. There is no greasy after affects, just a sheer light scent and softer skin. I have naturally dry skin and in the winter months, it just gets worse. Not this year. Not again.

Calming Cream

Someone I know recently had a procedure in the hospital and as a result, had dry skin, but so incredibly itchy that oven mitts were involved. She was going out of her mind with itchiness. I had just received the Calming Cream a week or so before, so I lent her the tube, hoping that it would provide at least a little relief until she could get something from her doctor.

Well, no need for the MD because the Calming Cream treated her and all of her little sore, dry parts! And here is the best part - she found immediate relief, poor thing! She had writhed and jumped and screamed for days and finally, she was able to sit, eat, sleep and generally get on with things while she healed.

If that's not a miracle cream, I dunno what is!


Aquaphor is readily used in the States for diaper rash, which is why I had never heard about it.

But I did read about it in a recent beauty book, where the authors swore by its amazing healing powers and since then, I have seen a number of celebrities that also apparently use it under their eyes, on their hair, etc.

Huh. There must be something to this stuff.

And there is. Like a less-greasy Vaseline, it "forms a protective barrier that seals moisture and conditions skin." That means, it works on just about everywhere for just about everything.

You can daub it onto your eyelids to give them a little lift, moisturize your lips, tuck back a few stray hairs, use it on your cuticles, eyelashes, knees, elbows - it's fantastic!

It works on dry skin and minor burns, but I think you'll find it works on making everything look better - from head to toe!

Stephanie Dickison

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