Eau Thermale Avene Moisturizes From Head to Toe!

Yesterday, I walked downtown amidst a full-on flurry.
The wind and snow whipped at my face, my hands turned red from the cold.

Thank goodness I've been using Eau Thermal Avène because when I got home, not a dry patch was to be found!

The TriXera + selectoise Emollient and cleansing Gel is made especially for dry skin, which means that you can clean your skin without stripping it of its natural oils and emollients. It soothes and protects your skin, while making it less reactive, and is soap, fragrance and paraben free.

This is one of those products that you find, fall in love with and cling to with every part of your being! It really works.

My new favourite winter skin fighter is TriXera + selectoise Emollient Cream!

This thick, rich cream goes on and stays on all day long! I can feel the hydration and protection all day. My skin feels nourished and pampered and for those extra cold days, I slather this on before leaving the house and I come home to the same soft skin that I left with.

It's miracle cream indeed!

And for the ultimate in luxury, get Thermal Spring Water.

According to the website, it's:

"Clinically proven by over 300 studies to calm, soothe and soften the skin. Used since 1743 in the Hydrotherapy Center to treat serious dermatological conditions such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczem."

But you can use it after working out, after shaving, setting your makeup, as an afternoon wake up and refresher - the possibilities are endless!

I use it all day long throughout the day. It is as vital to me as my cup of coffee in the morning!

And if you are looking to reduce redness, pigment spots or visible vessels on your face and or body, get Couvrance Fluid Foundation Corrector.

It goes on easily and smoothly (read: it doesn't take a makeup artist's hands to apply), it is long-lasting and water and sweat resistant. It also moisuturizes like crazy, so you can work on those imperfections and get a flawless complexion, all while pampering your skin!

There are 4 natural shades to choose from and the even matte finish looks amazing. No one will ever know of what lies beneath!

I'm addicted to Eau Thermal Avène and the incredible moisturizing products that they offer.

This winter I'm going to have smooth, supple skin while the rest of the world is battling dry, flaky limbs.

Not this gal. Not this year!

I'm going to be pretty and feel good all year round for once!

Stephanie Dickison

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