The Arts & Crafts Press Makes Beautiful Letterpress Cards

I love the furniture and design of the Arts & Crafts movement, which took place about 1880 to 1910, during its peak years.

While there were many artists involved, you're probably most familiar with Frank Lloyd Wright and William Morris.

The aesthetic and feel of the houses, furniture and drawings is warm and yet with very strong lines.

I have found the perfect way to celebrate the era with The Arts & Crafts Press, founded by Bruce Smith & Yoshiko Yamamoto. They create letterpress cards that evoke the time and feel of the movement perfectly - even the thick cream paper that it's printed on hearkens back to that time!

I love their Square Animal Cards, of which I have fallen in love with the Goldfish. An original design by Yoshiko Yamamoto, it has the muted colours of old Japanese block prints and a lovely simple design that is simultaneously stimulating and soothing.

And I have always been a fan of William Morris' designs - the intricate wallpaper and fabrics that evoke the past and yet, remain timeless and current each and every year.

So of course, I indulged in cards of his design. Except that, this time I was moved by his words as well.

A Golden Rule talks about the importance of beauty in your home, something that I truly believe. And A Beautiful House is William Morris' belief that although your home is of great importance, don't forget about books and self-respect and decent comfort.

I told you he was timeless.

And so are these cards.

Sending someone a card from The Arts & Crafts Press is a way of passing along good thoughts, warm sentiments and beautiful art.

Exactly what a card is meant to do, wouldn't you say?

Stephanie Dickison

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