Suncoat's Organic Cosmetics

More and more, I'm looking to natural cosmetics.

I mean, why not when there are such good ones out there?

I have fallen for Suncoat Organic Cosmetics.

After all, where else can you get a lotion based liquid mineral foundation that "helps to conceal facial imperfections whilst moisturizing and protecting your skin"?

Their Natural Liquid Foundation in Classic Tan is the perfect match for my skin. The certified organic ingredients make my skin all aglow while the mineral pigments look like I'm not wearing any makeup at all. Isn't that the look that you're always trying to achieve? Now it's possible and organic and vegan to boot!

It's also free from parabens, synthetic colors, mineral oils, and animal products, which means you can feel good about wearing it.

To keep my green eyes looking their best, I'm using Suncoat's 100% Natural Organic Roll-On Eye Shadow in Copper.

Suncoat organic eye shadows are made with certified organic corn starch and mineral pigments and are talc , preservative and FD&C dyes-free.

I love being able to put on liquid eyeshadow with a wand, because when it comes to powders, I find I'm not exactly expert enough to pull it off. This way, I swipe and go. Ta dah - my eyes look fantastic! And that Copper is ultra sexy (and vegan to boot). Not too much like gold and silver can be. In fact, it's just right...

To keep all attention on my peepers, I'm using their Natural Sugar-Based Mascara in Black (also comes in Navy Blue and Brown)

What's neat about this mascara is that is made with natural sugar-based biopolymer, kaolin clay, earth pigments and enriched with vitamin E. It is great on sensitive eyes (whose eyes aren't sensitive, I want to know) and naturally builds lash volume and length.

It goes on smoothly without clumps or glumps. In fact, it goes on lightly as if your own lashes have simply been lengthened and thickened yet it's not obvious that it comes from wearing mascara. And it comes off with soap and water - yay!

It is vegan and free of a bunch of stuff that is often found in other mascaras - PVP (polyvinyl pyrrolidone polymer), acrylic copolymer, VA (vinyl acetate) polymer, fragrance, paraben, alcohol and glycol.

And now for something completely different - Water-Based Nail Polish.

Not only are they long-lasting and quick drying, but they are award-winning too!

With these water-based polishes, the chemical solvents (toluene and acetates etc) are replaced by water and each polish contains ~70% water.

This means that there are no fumes, your nails won't become dry or discoloured, it's non-flammable and environmentally friendly! They are also phthalate,FD & C dyes free.

How cool is that?

And to complete the natural process, use Suncoat Natural Nail Polish Remover.

Here are the deets:

It is naturally derived from farm crops (corn and soya) and does not contain any petroleum ingredients. It is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic. It is also readily biodegradable and works for both water-based nail polish and conventional nail polish.

And it washes off with water. No fumes, no fuss, no mess for you or the environment!

Try these out for yourself - you'll see that not only is going organic not more expensive than what you're already paying for your cosmetics, but with Suncoat you're getting great quality products that don't harm you or our world.

Stephanie Dickison

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