Shop the Eco Way With the Moukisac, A 6-in-1 Shopping Bag System!

By now you've probably realized that plastic shopping bags are a no-no. But how do you effectively grocery shopping without giving in to plastic?

The Mouskisac is a 6-in-1 shopping bag system that has everything that you need in order to shop with the environment in mind and yet, still get the items you need with ease and comfort.

The bag, which is 100% made in Canada and comes in a range of fun colours, comes with one small and three large polyester mesh bags. They are for the things that you pick up at the grocery store and usually put into plastic bags such as lettuce, nuts, oranges, peppers, onions, etc.

Most eco bags focus on the plastic bags at the checkout, but this is the first bag I've seen that addresses those plastic bags in the bulk and produce sections of the grocery store. And you know, I hadn't even considered this aspect of plastic bags, so I am grateful for this wake-up call and and for CEO & Designer Marie Naubert thinking on my behalf.

With such a fun design and ease of use and lightweight materials, I sincerely hope that the world catches on to the genius of Moukisac and buys one for everyone they know!

The difference that each of us makes in our own lives will make a big change in our environment. And the Moukisac is a great and important step towards global change!

Stephanie Dickison

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