I'm Am Loving My Cards From Perla Anne Hand Blocked Printed Designs!

Sometimes you want something evocative and intriguing in which to write your sentiment on.

And cards from Perla Anne are just that!

Founder and Creator Stacey Bradley makes hand-printed greeting cards that she describes "illustrate the fine art of printmaking while showcasing playful designs, bold colors and a fresh authentic style."

Her Wallpaper Collection includes designs inspired by vintage wallpaper and textiles and each image in individually hand-inked and printed from linolium block cuts.

I got the gratitude card which is beautiful and modern and sweet all at once! And what I like most about it is that you can see the care and work that went into making this card. Designs were drawn, paper was cut and printed and a message created and attached. Would it be weird to send the gratitude card to Stacey, for all of her hard and incredibly beautiful work?

From the Cutpaper Collection, which features whimsical shapes cut from the designs Stacey creates, I got the endearing Bird on a Branch. It is the perfect little card to send and show that you're thinking of someone.

And for keeping in touch with friends and family, or sending a note to a colleague, I'm all aglow from the excitement of the Perla Anne Box Note Cards!

Not only are the designs and colours sumptuous, but the paper used for the cards feels so good! It's not thick card stock, but more like kraft paper. It makes a warm, scratchy sound when you handle it and it makes me want to pick up some scissors and glue and make something from nothing.

These cards are full of art and soul and lots of hard work. You can see it in each and every card.

So get some cards from Perla Anne. It'll make your day as well as someone else's - guaranteed!

Stephanie Dickison

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