Belt It, Tame It, Lift It and DeLint It with IsaBelt, Strap Tamers, Brelief and Lint on the Go

Okay, it's time to fix all of those little annoying, finnicky things going on in your wardrobe. I know you've got 'em - bra straps falling, belt bulging, lint everywhere.

This is a great thing to do to get your wardrobe in ship shape for the coming months. And the wonderful thing is that all of these things are affordable and take only moments.

Just imagine - a moment of change for a lifetime of comfort and living gracefully!


I hate wearing belts because of the bulge it creates. I want a streamlined silhouette, even in jeans, so I go without.

That means, I'm the girl standing in line pulling my pants up and my jeans inevitably gap at the back because I have a small waist but curvy bum.

But I have found the perfect solution in Isabelt, a kind of invisible belt that is thin and clear and allows you to wear jeans or pants without the gap, slip or bulge.

It's really easy - you just adjust the belt to your size (there is something for everyone) and then secure under your pant's front button.

I don't have to hike up my pants anymore or worry about showing off my undies to strangers. And I can have that sleek look that I've always wanted AND still wear a belt!

Woo woo!

Strap Tamers Bra Strap Concealers

You might like the tank top/bra strap look that people were rocking this past summer, but I would much rather have my straps unseen.

And wouldn't you love to be able to wear that dress that you just bought without your straps showing through?

A hassle-free way to hide your bra straps can be found with Strap Tamers Bra Strap Concealers!

You clip the strap tamer to the inside of your garment and then slip your bra strap into the clip. This way, you can feel secure knowing that your straps will stay put.

Which means, you can wear that dress to the club or a wedding and dance the night away without having to adjust or tug at your straps all night!

There are 3 sets per package, so you can clip your tank tops, dresses and any wide-collar top.

Comfort and ease all day, all night long with just a moment of adjustment.

So that's what they call peace of mind...


Want perkier breasts? Then try the Bralief Bra Clip, that not only keep your straps from falling, but gives your breasts a lift!

What is great about this is that you can have this transformation all while wearing the same bras that you've already got. You don't have to run out and get new ones - just add the clip!

And it's easy to do - just loop the Bralief around the straps of your bra and fasten the clip.
They come in a white, black, tan and breast cancer awareness pink & white, so I am going to put one on every bra I have!

Perkier breasts and straps that stay in place? Now this livin'!

Lint-on-the-Go Sheets & Chic Double-Sided Apparel Tape

Recently I was at a lovely fine dining restaurant in a chic black dress. I got up to use the ladies room and I had white fuzz all over my lap from the napkin. Oh how I wish I'd had Lint-on-the-Go Sheets with me that night! Instead, I swabbed my lap with water and tried to clean myself up as best as I could.

But now that I've found these sheets, they are going right in my purse, next to my wallet and phone. I just know that at tonight's whiskey tasting or tomorrow's writing class, me in my all black - I'm going to need a good delinting at some point!

As well, I'm keeping Chic's Double-Sided Apparel Tape close at hand. This is such a fantastic last-minute fixer-upper - you can fix a loose pant hem, adhere a neckline so that it doesn't shift or keep your pashmina in place all evening long.

Once you use it, you'll wonder how you got this far without it!

Stephanie Dickison

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