Taking Care of All Your 2,000 Parts with Spongeables, Quench Bath & Body and Solidea!

There are a lot of areas on our body to take care of - just think about all the products that you solely for your hair and face and then think of all the parts that get almost no attention at all!

So today's post is dedicated to all of those wonderful - and yet mostly forgotten - parts! After all, if we didn't have them, we'd be pretty funny looking!

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Stephanie Dickison
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Recently a friend of mine revealed that she never really washed her feet when in the shower, but simply splashed water and a little soap down there and considered them taken care of.

Huh - I bet there are a lot of folks that probably do the same thing.

A quick and easy solution to getting incredible clean and soft tootsies is Spongeables.

This petal-shaped pedi-sponge foot buffer releases a soapy blend of tea tree oil, lavender, shea butter and olive oil. There is a smooth side which creates a nice thick lather and a rough side to give your feet a good scrub - around the heel, over your arch and in between your toes.

It's a small little thing, but what a difference it makes. And there are many kind of sponges and fragrances to choose from. There's even ones specifically made for men's tootsies!

Change how you clean your feet - I promise it won't take long and you'll have soft, beautiful feet with so little effort!

Knees & Elbows

Our poor knees and elbows! There they are keeping everything together and we often ignore them more than pizza coupons in the mail and Tara Reid.

So I'm here to give a shout out to our lovely knees and elbows and show a little appreciation for these forgotten souls.

And to take care of them (as well as any other rough body parts), look to Quench Bath & Body From Around the World's Shea Butter Oil All-Over Body Moisturizer.

It is literally just contains Shea Butter Oil from Ghana, West Africa. It sinks into your knee and elbow creases where thick lotions and creams cannot. And if you've used anything with shea butter before, you'll know that the results are instantaneous - you'll find that immediately your skin is softer and smoother.

I like that this is pure shea butter oil and that you can even use it on your face, body hair and scalp.

But by using it on your elbows and knees, you're giving them a relief that they've been waiting a lifetime for.


Okay, I know this is going to sound weird, but I bet you don't pay a lot of attention to your bum, othen than how it looks in jeans.

But you should, because while you've been tending to your locks and lips, cellulite lumps and bumps have been forming back there and now they need your attention.

One way I've been winning the war on cellulite is with Solidea's Micro-Massage Magic Collection.

The collection includes Micro-Massaging Panty Fresh, a panty-hose short that massages cellulite into hopeful oblivion. I think they also make me look a teensy bit slimmer, if I do say so. The more you wear them, the more they work, so put on your panty fresh while you're vacuuming or giving the morning presentation. Every little bit counts!

The Anti-Cellulite Magic Gel not only goes to work on your cellulite but smells so clean and fresh, you'll look forward to applying it at least once a day after a shower to your bum (also your thighs and knees if you like). With horse chestnut seed extract and ruscus aculeatus root extract, it works at removing the toxins in your skin while tightening and firming everything back there.

Using the Magic Exfoliator in the show gets rid of dry, dull skin cells and boy can you feel it with the natural fibers!

The magic comes not just in each component, but using the whole collection. My ahem, bum is looking pretty good these days. And while I have been eating better and exercising more, Solidea's Micro-Massage Magic Collection has to be given partial credit. After all, my lumps and bumps are barely noticeable anymore.

Aren't those the results you want with your cellulite?

Stephanie Dickison

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