Saturdays Are For Shopping - And My Baggu!

Every Saturday afternoon, my Dad and I go food shopping at local farmer's markets.

Lately, we've been taking advantage of the amazing corn crops we've had and picking up huge bunches of broccoli, lettuce and radishes. And while he loads up on shallots, garlic and bouillon cubes, I've been getting the heavy stuff - fresh young yams, homemade relish and sides of Pickerel and loins of lamb.

But one thing you've got to be sure to bring it a bag to carry it all in. First of all, think of the environment and secondly, I find it easier to carry everything in one bag on my shoulder than a bunch in my hands.

And every Saturday, my reusable rip-stop nylon shopping bag Baggu stands up to the weight of whatever catches my fancy and what's needed for my upcoming creations in the kitchen.

I also keep it in my purse throughout the week so that if I happen to pick up a few things while I'm out and about (and I am wont to do that), then I've got an environmentally-friendly way to bring it home - using one Baggu for one year replaces 300 to 700 disposable bags!

And guess what I'm taking with me to New York this week to hold all of my wares and finds?! Who said they were just for grocery shopping? I'm filling mine with patent leather bags, shiny, streamlined tops and flouncy dresses!

I like the Baggu because it is pretty and stylish, comes in a host of different colour and is so lightweight (2 oz), yet holds so much (holds 25 lbs). And it folds into a neat flat pouch that makes it easy to take with you.

Apart how well it works and how pretty it is, two of my favourite features are the big bottom that it has so that it sits flat when filled, and the fact that the handles work with you and not against you - so you can hold them in your hand, on your forearm, or over your shoulder.

Sigh. Isn't that better?

And just wait until you see all of the beautiful colours they come in.

Yeah, you're going to want a bunch of these.

Stephanie Dickison

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