Sarah Horowitz Parfumes Are Well, Perfect!

The booklet begins:

"If you believe that your fragrance should tell a story, unfolding with your chemistry to pain a scented portrait of who you are, look no further to find your perfect perfume."

Sarah Horowitz, get outta my head!

How did she figure out that it is indeed what I believe, what I'm looking for? And how did she create such a line - Sarah Horowitz Parfumes - that is essentially all the perfumes you've been looking for, but never been able to find?

I realize I'm limited here, as you really need to take in the scents to really understand how gracious and classic they are, yet simultaneously fresh and new. Somehow they smell like sunshine and youth to me.

And you've gotta know, that's a pretty powerful and amazing combination!

To get a sense of how Sarah gets into your head, partake in The Online Fragrance Journey - there's one for individuals and one for mothers and daughters (aww!) . Basically, you fill out a questionnaire that provides "a snapshot of your personality" and then a perfumer will send you 3 pure oil samples created specifically for you.

And before you start fretting about yet another boring questionnaire, don't worry. This one is probably one of the most interesting forms you'll ever have to fill out. It certainly can tell you a lot about yourself! For example, for a place to live and/or vacation, do you want a place by the sea, anywhere there are gardens or in a metropolitan city perhaps?

See what I mean?

And if you want something already to go, look to the What Comes from Within Collection. And don't think these are by any means less than the custom jobs. After all, I found everything I've ever wanted right here in this collection!

These fragrances "pay tribute to the phenomena of inner beauty and are conceptually based on the powerful connection between the spirit, heart and mind. Each fragrance is formulated to evolve differently on everyone."

Light Comes From Within, for example, is one of those light scents that burst freshness all around you. Bergamot intermingles with freesia, honeysuckle and night blooming jasmine (to name just a few) to produce a slightly romantic air.

While it comes in the 1.7 oz. eau de parfum spray and well as a sample, as of September 1st, Anthropologie will have it in a NEW 0.3 oz purse pen (also available in Peace, Love and Beauty from Within) as well as on the Sarah Horowitz Parfums site!! This is fantastic for throwing in your briefcase, purse, carry-on or clutch - smell intoxicating wherever you happen to be!
Beauty Comes From Within is definitely sweeter, but by no means sickly sweet. It has a vanilla and pineapple scent, but thanks to sandalwood and other ingredients, it comes across as slightly smoky and utterly sexy!

And be sure to check out Perfect Perfumes. This line has 13 "signature fragrances that were created to meet the demand for both nature identical florals and new interpretations of classic favorites such as vanilla and 'clean.'" You can also get these scents in candle form.

I got Perfect Veil, which is a heady scent that makes me drop to my knees with gratitude.

The concept behind it was to recreate the smell of clean, naked skin "... only better." And it really truly is. In fact, I love the way it develops on my skin - going from subtle crashing waves against the shore to a soft floral scent that makes you feel like you're under a blossoming tree on a warm summer night.

Oh my!

And Perfect Nectar is like nothing I've come across before - "top notes of tangerine and blood orange, followed by middle notes of papaya, mango, ylang ylang and green tea. Perfect Nectar's base accord is a bed of soft, white flowers."

It is intriguing and the orangey vibe gives you an immediate uplifting, which must be much healthier than that second cup of coffee you're working on!

And to try out the Perfect Cremes, I went with Gardenia, which is so delightful and joyous and green. I love smoothing on a scented cream - there is something so sexy and 1940s about it. And the scent follows you, but not too strongly and lingers, but not too long.


It is honestly the best way to describe Sarah Horowitz Parfumes. You're just have to try them yourself to see what I mean.

But be warned - you may get hooked for life! Sarah knows what you want in a perfume and delivers it - bang on!

Stephanie Dickison

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