My Ya Living Ayurvedic Scarf is Perfect for This Warm Days, Cool Nights Weather!

It's certainly not wool scarf weather yet (thank goodness), but since it is getting cooler, the perfect accessory for right now is a light scarf.

And I have found the perfect one is Ya Living Ayurvedic Scarf.

Made with 100% organic cotton and infused with ayurvedic herbs according to a time-honoured tradition, it is like no other that I have ever seen.

Over 40 herbs are infused into each scarf which help to enhance general wellness and treat specific conditions and problems. And each part of the process is organic, sustainable and biodegradable.

The scarves come in many colours and 2 sizes (large -80 x 40 inches and small -70 x 20 inches). All colours are created with herbal dyes - no synthetic chemicals or toxic irritants are used. Which means this will be the healthiest scarf you ever buy.

Each colour is associated with certain conditions. I got the Blue - Delicate denim blue and soft transparent white stripes make a striking combination with soft white tassels and wheat gold stripes as a finish. This one is for detoxification and anti-inflammatory.

You can read more about the process in their brochure but know that it is an incredible process and hugely helps the people in the villages where they are made.

I will wear this scarf with pride and honour knowing that not only did people work incredibly hard to make this, but they made it to make me feel better - inside and out.

Stephanie Dickison

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