Lindsey Shaw Kitchens New Fresh Condiments Liven Up Every Meal!

Lindsey Shaw has been a part of the Toronto catering scene for the last twenty years. Chances are, if you partied here from as far back as the late 80s, you've had some of Lindsey's great fare.

Now she expanded her business - Lindsey Shaw Kitchens - into a new line of fresh condiments that accelerate the flavour of fish, meat, cheese, pasta, pizza, sandwiches and more!

It's a neat idea - all the natural ingredients are "gradually cooked until caramelized and concentrated."

The result is an intense flavour that can be used to heighten any food or liven up an otherwise ordinary meal.

Just think - you won't have to reach for the mustard or mayo again!
The Roasted Garlic + Parsnip Mash is a strong blend of garlic and parsnips that are carmelized, mashed and then finished with rosemary and balsamic vinegar.

What I like about this blend is that it's like no other condiment I've ever seen. Or taste.

It's really garlicky, which is nice (as long as you have mints!) and adds a whack of depth to whatever your eating. I had it on toast, which was fun, but my favourite was when I added it to things like my porchetta sandwich and tucked it under a turkey breast that I grilled with balsamic vinegar. Mmm!

Next, I'm going to add it to mashed potatoes and stir it into my soups and stews!

For dressing up burgers and sausages, I'm using Slow Roasted Tomato + Caper Relish. And I stuffed it into rolls of tilapia with breadcrumbs and olives - OMG! On another night, I put some into our pasta and spooned it onto focaccia. The slow roasted vine tomatoes and garlic are carmelized and then tossed with lemon rind, fresh parsley and capers.

But the biggest hit was the Carmalized Onion + Fig Compote. Maybe it's because it enjoyed the biggest audience...

I threw a party for neighbours that were moving and along with the appetizers, I served the compote alongside brie, crackers, baguette and pate. EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO TRIED IT ASKED ME WHAT IT WAS AND WHERE THEY COULD GET IT.

And it's no wonder - sweet white onions are persistently hand stirred on a stove until they turn golden. It's then finished off with calimyrna figs, port and fresh sage.

Sure it would be good with cooked chicken, pork, fish or layered into a vegetable bake, but I never got a chance to use it with anything else. It was d-e-v-o-u-r-e-d with not a crumb left!

Contact Lindsey Shaw Kitchens and start a frenzy of your own!

Stephanie Dickison

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