Jacki Paper Has Some of the Greatest Cards - E-V-E-R!

You know when you want to get someone a funny card, but you don't want it to be rude? You just want funny and cute - something to make the person smile.

Look no further than Jacki Paper.

Jacki Rigioni makes cards that reek of childhood memories (just the good ones, don't worry!), and idyllic, simpler times.

These beautiful letterpressed greeting cards are on this wonderful silver shimmery paper (think lovely eyeshadow brushed on for going out late) that is 100% recycled. I've never seen shimmery recycled paper before! And Jacki Paper marketing materials are printed locally using 100% wind power and soy-based ink.

Every single card makes me smile. How many card lines can you say that about?!

Take her Birthday Card that reads, "Happy Birthday. What do you want to be when you grow up?"

I love her Get Well Soon Card that says, "That's what happens when you run with scissors." and the Any Occasion Card - "The First One Who Laughs Wins."

And the Baby Card with "Rock-a-Bye Baby" is the perfect sweet card to send to the parents with a new bundle of joy.

Jacki Paper is one of those lines that you continue to go back to because they are sweet and fun and appropriate for just about anyone. I mean, who wouldn't love an invitation that says, "Red rover, red rover, let _____ come over, for, on, at"?

Sigh. All of this nostalgia makes me want a sticky pink popsicle and to lie down for a nap.

But before I do, I'm sending everyone I know a Jacki Paper card.

I'm smiling already...

Stephanie Dickison

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