Alterna's New Hemp with Organics Strengthens Your Hair

Want natural hair care that actually works?
Alterna's New Hemp with Organics is a natural, sulfate-free, vegan hair care line infused with Certified Organic Botanicals to strengthen your hair.

Using vitamins A, C,B complex, K, folic acid and riboflavin and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and sulfur, mixed with organic hemp seed oil, your hair gets enriched and strengthened - naturally.

It also contains certified organic avocado, cranberry, cucumber and white tea, so you are getting a bounty of goodness and natural products to help keep your hair healthy and strong, no matter what the damage.

It's never too late to fix your hair.

And now you can - naturally!

There are different ones to try - Hemp with Organics Repair Shampoo & Conditioner, Hemp with Organics Straight Shampoo & Conditioner, Hemp with Organics Shine Shampoo & Conditioner.

I think you'll especially like is that each one is infused with a natural fragrance that leaves a scent in your hair all day long. And that these products feel different than drugstore shampoo - you can feel it in your hands, hair and in the results!

And for more youthful looking hair, try Alterna's Caviar Anti-Aging Shampoos & Conditioners.

They contain Seasilk, something that up until now has been used only in high-end skincare formulas. But seasilk improves your hair's appearance, helps detangling, increases shine and moisture, reduces environmental and chemical damage and refines your hair's texture.

It's funny that we pay all of this attention to the aging of our face, but none to the aging of our hair! It's nice that Alterna is doing something about that! And the quality of the products - wow. They feel so good, as will your hair.

And if your hair is anything like mine - coloured, dry - you'll want to have Alterna TEN Hair Masque at your side.

This concentrated treatment penetrates your hair to repair it back to what it should be.

With 10 exotic elements - African cacao extract, Hyaluronic acid, Age Control Complex, Photozyme Complexe with Colour Hold, Italian white truffle oil (!), French Champagne Grape Seed Oil, Bulgarian Evening Primrose, Arabian Frankincense, Moroccan Quillia Bark and Arnice Flower - you hair will full luxurious, as will you.

Instead of reaching for the same ol' drugstore shampoo and getting the same so-so results, try Alterna and see how gorgeous your hair can really be - all without going for treatments, waiting in salons and buying 10 different lotions, serums, etc.

Beautiful, healthy hair can be yours.

Stephanie Dickison

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