Get The Brelli, the World's First 100% Biodegradable Umbrella!

You've probably never thought about all of the umbrellas that you've had in your lifetime, but they've got to have ended up somewhere.

Chances are, they are piled in a landfill somewhere, never to decompose in an environmentally-sound fashion.

But The Brelli has changed all of that as it is the world's first 100% biodegradable umbrella.

Made from bamboo (a renewable resource) and bio-plastic, it is "truly degradable in a conditional landfill environment."

So you can buy The Brelli with a clear conscience knowing that you won't be contributing to the landfills and giving off noxious fumes from vinyls and plastics.

There are different sizes - I like the small one for putting in my bag as I scoot around the downtown, and the large one is great for walks with my fella or tucking under with a friend.

What I love most about this umbrella other than the great ecological benefits is that it is soooo beautifully designed. Fashioned after classic Chinese umbrellas, the straight lines keep rain well away from you and your clothes (unlike my little crappy one that always leaves me with a soaked right arm). Also, the clear plastic and bamboo wood outlines makes for a completely chic look that is completely modern with a hearty nod to the past. It is the best looking umbrella I've ever seen and I've seen 'em all!

Buy yours now and help keep our planet going, all the while keeping dry in the most stylish fashion possible.

Stephanie Dickison

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