Bacon Salt Adds Oomph to Meals!

Okay, I know what you're thinking - Bacon salt?

But before you start talking about cholesterol and sodium levels, let me just say that Bacon Salt is a fat free, calorie free, kosher and vegetarian seasoning.

And it tastes really, really good.

And it really does taste like bacon.

Which is odd, I know, but in a good way.

I mean, do you really want more of your meals to taste like bacon? If you're this girl, the answer is yes!

Two guys, Justin and Dave came up with the concept and the 4 flavours - Original, Natural Hickory, and Peppered Bacon Salt.

What I like is that Bacon Salt doesn't have the caloric weight of bacon, but that you get satiated by the bacon taste. And my vegetarian friends Allison and Eddie and Ben and Darren can enjoy bacon again without compromising their beliefs.

I also like that it is ready to go, to sprinkle on whatever you are eating, so that you can enjoy the flavour of bacon without all the muss and fuss (read: grease-filled pan).

I wasn't sure what I was going to put it on or into, only that I wanted to put it on and into stuff.

So I started experimenting.

A little bit on my fresh corn on the cob, a little into my green bean salad, and of course, a dash on my cream of leek soup.

Oh my!

Then I started having it with baked sweet potatoes and for lunch last week, I sprinkled it over a salad of baby spinach and roast chicken.

Holy @#!*

Now that we're moving into fall, it's going into my stews and casseroles and onto squash and steak.

I like the recipes the site provides and it inspires me to use it in different ways, to use different ingredients. Actually, now I'm thinking of submitting some of my own as I get into full cooking mode over the next few months.

And if you get into Bacon Salt as much as I have (and I think you will), you'll want to get some cool merch to show your support.

I'm off to make dinner.

We're having chicken, corn (with Bacon Salt), potatoes (with Bacon Salt) and greek salad (with Bacon Salt).

Stephanie Dickison

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