That Sky Blue Greeting Cards, Boxed Notes and Double-Sided Wrapping Paper Are So Much Fun!

I have had the need for a lot of cards lately. It seems this summer is filled with events where thank you, wedding, birthday and friendship cards are required at every turn.

I found all I need at That Sky Blue, fine letterpress stationery out of Montreal Canada. Friends Litsa Babalis and Ana Duque” share a love for design, paper and a sense of commitment to the environment.”

That means they use recycled and recyclable products and “Our products are made using 100% cotton rag paper and responsibly managed forest resources. Our inks are vegetable oil based and our cleaners and solvents are environmentally-friendly.”

So you get environmentally responsible cards that are also beautiful and fun!

From the Letterpress Collection, there’s the fun Let’s Get Together card with “ciaociaociaociaociaociaociao” and a steaming mug of coffee on the front. I sent that to Victoria so we could plan our next date night (why should couples have all the fun?).

The Have a Whirly, Twirly Time! Birthday card has a lovely graphic front that can be used for anyone celebrating their birthdate.

I love the Bon Voyage card with the luggage stacked up in red ink and the Happy Wishes for Your New Life Together Wedding Card that has 2 birds entwined.

The leafy green Thank You cards come with different red accents –a leaf or a hummingbird. It’s nice to have a change in your cards, isn’t it? Nice thinking, girls!

I think my favourite card though, has to be the I Am Here For You card. Simple flowers under the heartfelt sentence says it all.

The Signature Collection includes their new “double sided gift wrap that allows you to mix and match your presents with just one sheet” and boxed note cards that come in beautiful images and sumptuous patterns. I love the snowy white rabbit amid blossoming trees, blue grey doves on a spectacular blue background festooned with curly snowflakes. And the modern stork and baby is just about the best – and most modern - baby wrap I’ve ever seen. The double sided wrap is so divine, I won’t give it all away, but let you discover the wonder yourself. You’ll never want to use single-sided again!

Look for a store near you that carries That Sky Blue Stationery and send cards and wrap presents that wow the crowd and linger long after the envelope and present have been opened.

Stephanie Dickison

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