Mmm. Purses From Hive & Co Cause A Frenzy!

Recently, I picked up a couple of bags from Hive & Co, a company that specializes in only purses.

Well purses of all kinds – clutches, shoulder bags, totes, evening and day bags.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been using the NEW! Melissa Tote Bag in Soft Beige.

And no matter where I am in the city, women reach out to touch it, tap me on the shoulder to tell me how much they like it or to ask in a panicky voice where I got it.

Sometimes it’s caused a little frenzy on the subway car or in a restaurant. Suddenly everyone has turned to see what all the commotion is about.

It’s not surprising at all, because it really is one of the most sumptuous purses I’ve ever had.

But what’s more surprising it how inexpensive and completely affordable it is.

How can such a large tote first of all not be leather (it’s textured faux-leather) and secondly have such lovely detailing – pleated front and side buckles – all for only £35?!

It is large enough to essentially carry everything you need – work, cosmetics, phone, planner and whatever magazines and shopping goodies you pick up on the way (there is a large, deep zippered pocket for keys, etc and a cellphone pocket to keep you from digging for it at the bottom of your purse) – thereby saving you from having to carry around a purse AND a tote all day long! And the Soft Beige colour makes it work with every season’s palette, saving you from having to buy more bags (but that’s not going happen, now is it?!).

If you stocked up on large bags last season and are looking for something smaller yet still pretty, The New! Netural Allegra Shoulder Bag is for you!

Also in Soft Beige and costing only £25 (!!!), this shoulder bag has the same textured faux-leather with the side buckle detail and a zippered pocket at the front.

I like this bag because it works for day or night, corporate affairs or errands on the weekends. It’s small enough that you don’t feel like you’re carting around the world, but big enough that my large wallet, phone and accessories all fit without having to cram them in.

These are only 2 of the many, many, many beautiful bags available at Hive & Co.

Shop for yours and start a frenzy of your own!

Stephanie Dickison

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