I Am Newly Organized Thanks to My magnetic poetry Bulletin Board & Magnifico Weekly Planner Magnets !

I am always on the lookout for ways to increase my productivity and stay on top of all the things I have to do.

Recently, I came across magnetic poetry’s Magnetic Bulletin Board with Magnets and Magnifico! Weekly Planner. And since putting them to use at my desk, it has completely transformed the way I hold onto paper!

See, I work at a small desk and each week, I receive hundreds of papers – business cards, menus, press kits, articles, magazines, recipes, submissions, forms, etc – and usually they sit in a pile on my desk, along with the scraps of paper that I scribble down books I want to read or products that I want to feature.

Now that I have magnetic poetry’s Magnetic Bulletin Board with Magnets, I have a place to put all of the information I need to access and I can see it as well – no more rifling through piles of papers!

The board is 12x16 inches, so there is enough room to post bills, pictures, reminders, invitations, etc, and still have room left over to put up something new. Mine is currently full with a photo of my fella, a printout of my upcoming deadlines, a pretty picture from a magazine and things I need to do or look at throughout the week.

I like the rounded magnets that come with it – blank dots along with soft words like please, today, need, look, love, read, dream, call, and many more. It is a great way to keep you organized visually with very little work at all.

To supplement that, I got the Magnifico! Weekly Planner Magnets, which comes in a host of colours and types. The large days of the week keep me on track with restaurants to visit, events to attend and important occasions to celebrate. There are long blank bars to hold up thick invoices or cards that you want displayed.

Stunningly, it didn’t take much at all to reorganize myself:

I put up the board, attached each piece of paper with a suitable magnet and all of a sudden, I have a clear desk and a clear mind.

It really has changed the way I work. I am more organized and less stressed and all because of some metal and magnets.

I am so grateful to have stumbled upon this solution. It is like that feeling you get after a massage where all you can think of, “Wow do I feel good!”

If you are working with pieces or piles of paper, I think this is a wonderful way to get from under it.

Get yours now and change the way you work and the way you breathe.


Stephanie Dickison

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