Creative Nail Design Makes Me Look & Feel Summerlicious!

I wrote about how much I love Creative Nail Design back at the very beginning of the year.

And now they’re back at it again with incredible colours for Summer and Fall!

Check out CND’s Plexi Pop Collection!

They are perfect for right now – the candy-colored transparency give you just a little bit of colour without taking away from your brightly-coloured clothes and accessories!

This collection was inspired by colorful Lucite designs and these translucent nail tints are a really nice change from the matte, thick colours we’re used to seeing.

All of the colours are opalescent with shimmer. There’s Retro White, which is tres chic and goes with everything. Clearly Pink is so barely there, as is the Nail Gloss. For a pinkier tone, Transculent Tangerine and Plexi Pink give you jus the slightest hint of colour without being too much. And for those of you who want to do something just a bit different, Turquoise Tint gives you the edge of funky colour without committing to going all out punk - I like that!

What I really love about this collection is that it’s high gloss, even without a top coat (sweet!) and even with just one coat, your nails look professionally done and taken care of!

It’s a completely low-maintenance way to make your nails look fantastic and your girlfriends jealous (where is she getting her nails done, they’ll whisper!).

And here’s the best part – it dries super quickly. So you can do you nails and get out into that sunshine quickly!

If you’re looking for something a little richer, try Moonlight and Roses which has a lovely pinky-grey mother-of-pearl look that is perfect for the season’s weddings, parties and events. And Serenity has a nice pink/beige tone with some shimmer in it, making it the perfect complement to your summer tan and white cotton blouses!

And there are lots of girls rocking dark colours this summer, which I think is great! Why wait ‘til Fall to stand out?!

CND’s got the latest in dark colours! Check ‘em out!

Hyde in the Dark is a great midnight blue with shimmer – so sexy! Rock Royalty is dark purple and Voodoo is black for that modern edgy look – good girl gone bad or great as a new French Manicure base!

If those colours sound a bit too dark, don’t worry – CND’s thought of you too! There’s great reds that are dark and look so seductive without being too vampy. I love House of Rebels - a creamy dark plum, Baroque is a deep wine with shimmer and Nail Noir is a rich chocolate cream. Mmm!

They won't be available until August, but at least you can start planning your new look!

And to dry your nails quickly, I’m loving Air Dry which brushes on like polish and seems to dry as soon as you’ve applied it! Also fantastic is SolarSpeed Spray! It is a quick drying spray that seems to freeze your in place, but also gives you the added bonus of softening your skin while you’re at it! Nice!

And one of the best hand creams in the world is SolarButter Intensive Hand Cream! It is ridiculous how soft your hands will be after you use this – you won’t be able to stop touching them! Jojoba oil, vitamin E and shea butter work their magic on your hands (and I’m even using it on my feet, neck – wherever!) while this rich, luxurious. sweet-smelling cream sinks in quickly, without any greasy feel or residue.

I think everything that Creative Nail Design/CND does is simply fantastic! Whatever the season, whatever your mood, they’ve got something that’s just the perfect thing!

How many companies can you say that about?

So start giving your nails the spotlight. It doesn’t take much, but it does make a helluva difference!

Stephanie Dickison

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