WrecordsByMonkey Handmade Recycled Record Accessories Are So Freakin’ Fantastic, You’ll Want One of Everything!

Gosh, sometimes I am just floored by a company and/or a product, that I can’t stop telling people about it. I am amazed by their ingenuity, craftsmanship and incredible care that goes into each item.

One of those companies is WrecordsByMonkey.

They make handmade accessories out of recycled records. How incredible is that?

And you haven’t even seen them yet! Wait until you get a look at these puppies – they’re simply gorgeous and well, to tell you the truth, your friends are going to hate you because you look so good in ‘em.

WrecordsByMonkey makes clothing, bracelets and fine jewelry– all from old records. Well, probably not the clothes, but the rest of the stuff.

And the stuff is just beautiful. I mean, look at this Cityscapes Necklace? There are only 10 of them left and truthfully, I want ‘em all, they’re so pretty!

I am loving the bracelets the most though, because I think wearing a cuff is just so sexy. It’s not as obvious as a necklace and I think for me, that’s part of the appeal.

But you’ll notice these bracelets right away!

And there’s soooo many to choose from (119, to be exact). There’s the Artist Series, Classic Collection, Classic Patterns, Music is the Key and Off the J.

I went with the Classic Patterns, myself.

You can choose from 2 styles – the thinner band or the bracelet, which is more of a cuff. I got the cuff. Mmm….

I got one to go with each colour category of my wardrobe (so sue me, I can’t help it when it comes to amazing works of art like this).

The Houndstooth Bracelet comes in 4 colours, which I think is fabulous. I got the White, just to be all classic about it, but I love them all!

And the Lumberjack Bracelet is part 80s chic, part very 2008 – very cool! I got the Blue one, which I think is a great choice for my summer wardrobe.

The Shemagh Bracelet is based on those printed scarves that everyone’s wearing, so you can’t get more of the moment than this! I got it in Brown and simply love the colours and pattern!

And for something a little sentimental, the Toile Bracelet is just so amazing! I got the Red, because it’s the most traditional, but truthfully, I love the whole colour range!

The bracelets all have the patterns on the outside, but when you look to the underside all you see is record and the WrecordsByMonkey gold stamp.

You are wearing a part of musical history when you wear your bracelet. I think that is pretty freakin’ amazing! I wonder what records I’m wearing?

WrecordsByMonkey says their “products are a reflection of our environment, inspired by our love for fashion, art and music.”

And I for one support them now, forever and always.

I can’t wait to see what they do next!

In the meantime, I'm going to look around their store online and see what else I've just got to have!


Stephanie Dickison

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