Wondering How To Possibly Store All Your FlipFlops? (because I know you have more than 1 pair!) Problem Solved - Get My Pair Tree!

My Pair Tree is a one-of-a-kind hanging shoe rack that holds six pairs of your favorite flip flops, crocs and sandals. Ready to hang from just about anywhere, let your latest styles bloom!

You can pick your pattern from all the fun stripes and polka dots in different colours.

I got #11 – pink and brown stripes! – and #ar16 – pretty Kelly green polka dots on aqua ribbon. What a fantastic way to accessorize your closet or room!

And wow, what a wonderful way to clean up the pile of shoes that don’t really hang well o shoe racks and kind of have no other place to go!

I was able to organize all my flip flops (and sandals!) in about 2 minutes - how great is THAT?!

You can use it to keep your flip flops close on hand during these hot months and then to store them away during the rest of the year.

And in case you’re wanting to add to your collection, you can get fun and flirty flip flops at MaryMageeDesigns.

As you’ll see, the ribbons on the shoes (tied with a big bright bow on each) match the ribbons of your Pair Tree, so you can match ‘em up or go with something completely different!

So much fun!

I got 2 pairs – Beach Walk – which has a bright orange sole and a fun at-the-beach multi-coloured ribbon – and Lolly Pop – to go with My Pair Tree.

My Pair Tree is one of the best solution solvers I’ve ever seen! And it’s so easy to use, so pretty to look at and it only takes a minute or two to organize your mighty flip flop collection.


Stephanie Dickison

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