Purchase Jewellery from The Leakey Collection and Relief Beads to Help the Maasai Women of Kenya and the People of Darfur Today – World Refugee Day

Today is World Refugee Day and there are things that you can do and make a difference.

Watch Angeline Jolie’s moving message and then click the “Donate” Button.

You can also purchase Relief Beads.

Here is what they are about:

“The United Nations has recognized the situation in Darfur as "the world's worst humanitarian crisis." Since the conflict began in 2003, more than 2.5 million people have been forced to leave their homes. Relief Beads is a grassroots campaign selling handmade African bracelets to raise awareness and money for Relief International's humanitarian efforts in Darfur. In 2007, Relief International supported tens of thousands of refugees in Darfur and donated more than $14 million to crises worldwide. Relief International's programs are essential for stability in Darfur: they operate the second largest refugee camp, administer medical care at several clinics, provide life-saving therapeutic care to countless children, and fund educational costs for thousands of students. To learn more about Relief International's programs please visit www.ri.org.

We truly need your help to achieve our goal in selling 250,000 Relief Beads to provide relief to thousands of people in Darfur. Every Relief Beads purchased directly provides a significant contribution, especially to the women and children in Darfur. Relief Beads serve as a symbol that you care and are committed to providing relief for people less fortunate than you. Relief Beads bracelets are handmade in Africa, so each and every bracelet is unique. We may not always have the opportunity to change things in our world that need to be corrected, but this is your opportunity to provide relief to a situation that truly needs changing.”

THE BRACELETS ARE ONLY $8 EACH. The beautiful beads are handmade from sand in Ghana, Africa.

By purchasing 1 handmade bracelet, you provide 2 months of education to a child, 2 buy a stove to provide life-saving heat. 50 bracelets supply life-saving health services for over 50 refugees.

Buy a bunch and wear them as a reminder that there is a country in crisis and you did something about it.

And from The Leakey Collection, I got Zulugrass, which is made from natural grass beads that are dyed in and accented by sparkling hand-blown Czech glass beads.

Each bead (completely lead free) is cut by hand and each link is hand woven, link by link. No wax lacquer or varnished is ever used.

It comes in a range of gorgeous colours to choose from.

I got it in Magadi, a lovely coral collection that is perfect for the summer months.

You can wear it in single or multiple strands as a necklace, a choker, a hair tie, or as an anklet. It comes with a silver clasp so you can keep all of the strands together in a bracelet or take it off and wear them individually or just a few strands as a necklace or to tie back your hair. It’ll be one of the most versatile pieces in your collection!

But the important part is the Story of Maasai.

The company’s mission statement includes being dedicated to creating employment opportunities for rural Kenyans and “enhancing understanding between Developed Nations and Africa using products and commerce as a vehicle.”

You can see where to buy The Leakey Collection here and how to get involved here.

Do something to make a difference. Everything you do, however seemingly small, helps.

And here’s to Angelina Jolie for not stopping in her support and mission to help those less fortunate. She is truly an inspiration.

Stephanie Dickison

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