Pikku Unique Cloth & Wares Has Lovely Patterned Wrap and Gift Tags, Perfect for Summer Parties & Events!

The summer is always a bevy of excitement. After all, there are so many celebrations to prepare for – long weekends, Mother’s and Father’s Day, back to school, wedding showers, baby showers and the ever popular backyard barbecue!

So chances are you’re going to need some pretty wrap and tags to take your presents in.

And Pikku does pretty to a t.

Click on “wrap” and see all of the beautiful designs. I love the jaunty Poppi Pikku Dot, the modern lines of Carrot Screen Door, the fantastically bold Peat Crazy Daisy and the extremely sweet Blu Baubles.

And Pikku’s Gift Tags are a lovely addition to any gift. A sturdy construction of patterned paper with a sturdy paper loop sewn on shows that you’ve done that little extra something.

They also have cute little calendars that are modern and retro simultaneously and I know of about 20 folks that would just love one - including me!

If you like sweet design, Pikku is just the thing for you!

Stephanie Dickison

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