Jessie Steele’s Vintage-Inspired Hostess & Kitchen Aprons Make Me Feel Like a True Lady in the Kitchen!

I have always wanted a pretty apron to cook in.

All these hours I’ve spent in the kitchen, I’ve always pictured myself in an apron. A little frilly half one that is pretty and feminine and a throw back to simpler times.

So you can imagine my surprise and sheer pleasure at finding exactly that – and so much more at Jessie Steele.

Created by the Steele sisters, these beautiful aprons are modern and retro all at once, making them perfect for the modern day lady – or gentleman (there are more manly designs, don’t you worry!) – who likes to accessorize a little while making dinner.

I am completely smitten with the Half Ava Pink Paris Apron.

So pretty and frilly (and it matches our shower curtain!), it is the perfect addition to your kitchen, whether you make tortieres from scratch or merely heat up store-bought key lime pies!

It has a pink and cream check with tiny little Eiffel Towers everywhere! Black trim surrounds the 2 rounded pockets (so cute and comfortable!), the scalloped edge and apron top as well as a pretty black bow on each pocket (they are removable)! The material is a blend of fine linen and cotton and there is a lengthy tie that goes seductively around your waist.

It is just about the cutest little apron I’ve ever seen!

And if you want a full length apron, you’ve got the see the Bib Audrey Cupcakes and Josephine – Café Toile ones!

Sooooo pretty!

The cotton Cupcakes Apron is cream and pink with a wavy brown grid, with cherry-topped cupcakes (complete with icing!) peppered throughout. The piping edge is a lovely salmony-pink and there are bows on the pockets here too! The skirt comes out at a saucy edge, seemingly slimming your legs instantly – hmmm….

The Josephine Apron is linen/cotton and ties at the waist and neck. I love the black straps and black bow on the waist pocket. So flirty! The bottom edge is ruffled, causing much twirling and dancing in the kitchen and throughout your home!

And the print – oh my God the print! Delicate black line drawings portray a lovely life in Paris or somewhere in Europe where chandeliers sway, bicycles are the preferred mode of transportation and pretty poodles that need to be walked, shops to be perused and café au laits awaiting you!

Ahh… Isn’t this the kind of spirit and joie-de-vivre that you want to bring into your kitchen? Your world?!

And if you want something a little less girly, but just as lovely, the Bib BBQ/Utility Grey Apron is for you.

This is a great choice for man or woman, baker or griller!

This is a heavier apron that the others, thanks to good quality cotton twill that will hold up to whatever you’ve got going on in the kitchen!

It goes on over your neck (like overalls!) and ties at the back. There is a pocket for a pen and closes with a snap. There are four, count ‘em FOUR waist pockets, and 2 utility hooks, a bottle opener (!!!), carpenter loops and compartments in the pocket. What you do with that I have no idea, but I love having options.

Brushed silver metal finishes complete this very sturdy and professional apron.

I suggest the sturdy and thickly-lined Utensils Oven Mitt as a lovely accompaniment!

I love my new aprons so much that I’m off to make a special dinner for me and my fella tonight to celebrate!

Check out Jessie Steele’s whole line (and new designs) and get yourself a pretty apron.

You won’t believe what a difference it makes!

Stephanie Dickison

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