founditemclothing's T-Shirts & Apparel From Your Favourite Movies and TV Shows Are Such Fun!

I think that our favourite TV shows and movies say a lot about us.

For instance, if your favourite movie is 27 Dresses, then you’re probably quite the romantic, and if it’s Caddyshack, well, you probably like whoopee cushions, fake poo and the like.

Now you can revel in your favourite movies and TV Shows thanks to founditemclothing.

If you loved The A-Team as a kid, now you can have the t-shirt. If you can’t get enough of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, now you can have the t-shirt.

I love that you can get something that means so much to you.

Or you can just get the Beer Shirt or The Skeleton Shirt because really, they’ll work on any level and you don’t have to have seen the movie to get it.

That’s why I love the Dance Your Ass Off T-Shirt that I got. Sure, if you loved Footloose, then this is going to totally rock your world. Me? I just love to Dance My Ass Off, so it works on that level too!

founditemclothing’s selection is particular - mostly the ironic love of movies like Slap Shot and Road House make the list, but there are the cult classics too, like The Big Lebowski, Rushmore, This is Spinal Tap and Brain Candy. And don’t worry – there are recent titles too such as The 40 Year-Old Virgin to keep you giggling on the way to work or the video store.

See the whole collection here and enjoy the blasts from the past. In fact, add the accompanying DVD to your cart at the same time you get your t-shirt and spend the night reliving your favourite scenes and catch phrases.

It’s the perfect Wednesday night.

Stephanie Dickison

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