Clark’s Botanicals Gives My Face the Care It Deserves!

Now that I am going to be doing book publicity and appearances, I have become awfully aware of this mug o’ mine.

My face will be viewed by many more strangers then I am accustomed and well, as you can imagine, it’s a pretty frightening notion.

So in these months before the publication date, I am trying to take care of myself as I always have, but with special attention to natural and botanical products. I’ve only got this one face – I’m going to treat it well!

In my search, I came across Clark’s Botanicals, a skincare line that is botanically-based and all about rebalancing your skin.

It starts with the Soothing Herbal Face Wash, that smells so lovely thanks to lavender! Your skin is treated with vitamin E, aloe and cucumber extract that both soothe and moisturize. It is different than most cleansers as it is a cream and not a foam, but it gets off your makeup and daily grime gently yet effectively, and leaves it smelling oh-so-beautiful.

And how can you not love a product called Nourishing Youth Serum?

It goes to work on your wrinkles (thank you!), as well as “crow’s feet, forehead lines, frown furrows, pinched lip lines and even bands on the neck.”

Doesn’t this sound like the best accompaniment for television appearances as well as daily life? This one’s coming with me wherever I may land!

After applying the Youth Serum, the Smoothing Marine Cream is next. And it does it all – moisturizes, exfoliates, and get this – boosts skin’s collagen production!

No wonder my skin was looking so plump and supple after just a couple weeks of use!

You’ll feel a tingle using this stuff, as its got glycolic acid. It’s also surprisingly got coffee in it! That should get you going in the morning!

I think Clark’s Botanicals are supreme products that really work on your skin without all the harsh chemicals and impurities of drugstore brands.

I am finally ready for my close up.

Stephanie Dickison

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