Turn Notcturnal’s Tees Are Simply Gorgeous!

Jack and Matt of Turn Nocturnal design and make t-shirts that totally rock my world!

They take type seriously, just when I thought I was the only one that is affected by fonts! I love their HUGE TYPE LOOKS SWEET tee (and they’re so right) along with their amazing SANS-SERIF tee that is so lovely, it makes me want to weep.

I got the TURN THE CITY one though, which is printed on a soft cotton American Apparel T.

It’s black rough-hewn strokes - almost Japanese in style, of tall buildings with a bold orange swath and makes me think of downtown - Downtown Toronto, downtown New York, any downtown really.

And really, this tee is the most me. Because I have always a city girl and as I get older, it’s the city’s core that I’m drawn to, that I take advantage of via transit and by foot. Although I have remained in the city my whole life, I still look up to tall buildings and remark on their structures. I am still fascinated by the bricks and concrete that holds together our restaurants, banks and shops.

And while I continue to refuse plastic bags, shop locally and try to reduce my own environmental footprint, I am a city girl through and through.

A little card and tiny button fall out of the package my shirt came in. A beautiful silhouette of a moth adorns each and the card says, “we love to make clothing. we hope you love to wear it.”

Are you kidding?! This is my favourite shirt, the one that says, “This is me – city girl – and I’m proud of it!”

I know everyone’s moving to the suburbs and growing their own food. I get that.

But me, I’m staying firmly planted in all of the white noise that is the city, amidst all the traffic and roaring buses and crammed in the underground with all the other city folks traveling further downtown via subway.

For me, there is no better place to be.

And I’ve got the beautiful shirt to prove it.

Stephanie Dickison

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