Start Your Day Off Right with Sun Rich Coffee!

My cup of coffee in the morning is perhaps one of the few things I really have to have.

I can go without fancy clothes, much money or really anything other than my fella and our cat, my desk and writing supplies, my library card and some food in the fridge to cook delicious, yet simple meals.

But my morning cuppa is pretty darn important – it’s what gets me going and keeps me on track throughout my day.

And it’s gotta be a good one.

So when I found Sun Rich Gourmet Coffee, I had a feeling I was onto something.

And I was right.

They have exquisite Coffees of Distinction like Hawaiian Island Aria 100% Kona,which is light and slightly fruity and Jamaica Blue Mountain, which is a bit bolder but still refreshing.

Kenya AA and Sumatra Mandheling Dark give you a rich, intensity that if you are a coffee lover, will send a tingle all the way to your toes!

And Sun Rich’s Exclusive Reserve Coffees are just amazing - Papua New Guinea Elegancia and Galapagos Duet Peaberry are just two from this exquisite collection. Full-bodied, flavourful and not at all acidic, these coffees will soon be the choice of the house!

And whatever you do, do not pass go until you try their English Toffee!

I do not have a big sweet tooth, but this toffee had me at the very first bite.

Then, the box was half empty.

I couldn’t help myself – toffee and a blend of chocolates all rolled in the freshest ground pecans I’ve ever tasted. What little was left, we shared with the neighbours who oohed and ahhed over the incredible quality, softness, richness…

There wasn’t a nut or crumb of toffee to be found afterwards.

I am a Sun Rich girl now. Their coffee has bounce and oomph and flavour and a richness that my grocery store coffee has always lacked. And well, that toffee is just off the chain.

Try it for yourself and see the difference quality makes (yes, I stole that line, but it fits!).

Stephanie Dickison

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