Read Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me, A Guide to Thousands of Skincare and Cosmetic Products to Get the Real Scoop on Your Makeup!

Paula Begouon, author of Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me, has created a fantastic tome that has legions of fans and devotees.

It’s now in its seventh edition.

What’s all the fuss about?

It’s because it’s like a Consumer Reports on the cosmetic and skincare world. She lists thousands of skincare and cosmetics that you use and lists their pros and cons and ingredients, which will allow you to really assess what you’re putting on your face and what’s best for your skin.

She covers everything from Almay to Prescriptives to Z. Bigatti and gives you the honest dope on how the products work.

Take Paula’s comments on The Body Shop’s Warming Mineral Face Mask (p. 208):

“Contains a mineral that warms when it is mixed with water, but that has no special benefit for skin beyond feeling pleasant. That’s fine, but what’s not is the inclusion of irritating ginger oil and cinnamon bark oils, joined by several fragrance components, including problematic eugenol.”

See what I mean? She gives you the inside scoop about what you’re really putting on your face.

Check out what Paula has to say about Chanel’s Estompe de Chanel Corrective Concealer (p. 257):

“Is a creamy, lipstick-style concealer with light coverage and poor colours that can easily crease into lines around the eye. Trying to achieve coverage creates a heavy, caked appearance and you have to wonder, after all these years, who is still buying such an inferior concealer?"

Aren’t you glad she just saved you $30 US for a concealer that doesn’t work?

Find out which product will work for you skin, which wrinkle cream really reduces the appearance of wrinkles, is going organic or all-natural really better and how to decipher dangerous ingredients that could be harming your skin and body.

Read what Paula has to say about eye creams, lip stains and moisturizers and change the way you’ve been buying your makeup and skincare. Buy it for your skin type and the kinds of ingredients and results you’re looking for.

And if you decide that it’s all too much trouble, Paula has created both a makeup and skincare line – Paula’s Choice - that, though I haven’t tried it myself, may be just the thing for you.

Stephanie Dickison

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