Prescriptives Vibrant-C and Good in Bed Moisturizers Have Me Looking Younger and More Vibrant Than Ever Before!

I wrote about Prescriptives rockin’ Makeup Line back in the fall and I have just recently tried Prescriptives Skincare and I’ve gotta say – I loooooooooove this stuff!

I love that Prescriptives sets out to do different things with each moisturizer that they make.

Like the Vibrant-C Skin Brightening Cream Moisturizer for example.

You want brighter skin, you use this. It’s that simple.

It’s a lovely thick cream that immediately sinks into your skin and man does it smell great – like fresh squeezed orange juice on a warm spring day!

Your skin feels quenched all day long, but what you’ll soon see happen is that you get this instant brightening happening – like you’ve just had the best night’s sleep and now you look bright-eyed and ready to take on the world! Even if you’re not at least you’ll look like it!

Your skin will look luminous and even, bright and supple. And it reduces the look of age spots and other discolorations! You won’t believe how amazing your skin looks!

People actually asked me if I’d cut my hair or lost weight while using this cream! It definitely improves your appearance, but subtlety enough that people won’t know exactly what you’ve done. Let’s see your drugstore $20 moisturizer do THAT!

And if you want a glow that lasts, use Prescriptives Good in Bed Skin Restoring Night Moisturizer.

Used at night before bed, this moisturizer works all night long to replenish and moisturize your skin, all while subtle tanners develop to leave you with a “morning after glow” upon waking.

I love that you can use a product that works while you sleep. After all, don’t we have enough to tackle during the day? The cream made my face look absolutely luminous and not too tanned (don’t think self-tanner dark, but more of a soft glow), like I’d just returned from Ibiza! Good in Bed actually re-texturizes and brightens your skin, thanks to Grapefruit Extract, so it’s what I’m calling a mini-facelift-in-a-jar!

And using it overnight really plumped up my skin, giving me that Prescriptives “good night’s sleep look” that I so love. And as an added bonus, it reduced my lines and wrinkles!

Just remember to wash your hands after application and wait 5 minutes before laying your head on the pillow!

I really think that Prescriptives Moisturizers deliver on what they claim to do – which you certainly can’t say about every skincare line. I trust Prescriptives and think that while using their creams, I did look a little younger, a little better.

And well, that’s just about the best thing I think a moisturizer can set out to do.

Stephanie Dickison

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