Mmm!!!!!!! Summer Bags from KOCH, Hoyden and Lexie Barnes are Here, and Boy Are They Gorgeous!

It doesn’t matter how many bags I have, there’s always something else that’s going to fill that hole in my wardrobe.

I want a bag that will be small enough to carry just my wallet and keys, but dramatic enough that it will capture attention, and a bag that is big enough to carry my books, papers, magazines, water (and whatever I pick up along the way), but still look pretty.

It’s a tall order, I know, but I have found 3 companies that make the prettiest bags for every occasion that you should need!

I have only recently become aware of KOCH Handbags, but I can’t get over how beautiful they are! How could I not have known about them?! We have so much catching up to do!

Their slogan is “Bags to Pack Life In,” which I truly appreciate. They make the prettiest purses, clutches and even pencil cases, but these you can actually use, unlike some beautiful bags.

I got a Maya Leather Pencil Bag that doesn’t have to just store pencils (who uses pencils anyway? I haven’t since grade 6). The interior is waterproof, so I’m thinking makeup wouldn’t be out of the question. Me? I’ve filled mine with pens, business cards, lip gloss, my little pack of digestive enzymes and my favourite lip moisturizer with SPF. See? it holds a lot. The thick, puffy leather exterior is just so sumptuous you almost want to bite it – it comes in soft mint colours: white, yellow and sky blue. I got the blue and I can’t get enough of its feel or look? In fact, I’d love it if they could make a jacket to match…

And the wide hearty zipper comes complete with a beautiful and delicate glass pull.

I have had a lot of pencil cases in my time – in fact, people just gave me 2 this year for presents – but this is by far the fairest of them all.

And for the most beautiful clutch in the world? The Theodore Clutch in Flame Hand-Printed Cotton (I couldn’t find a picture of it in cotton, but here it is in Bleached White Leather)

It is just the perfect size – long and elegant and streamlined, but oh-so-roomy inside! It has an incredibly soft ultrasuede lining and that lovely detailed glass pull on the interior zip pocket. The colour is a soft gold with kind of a dark coral design. It is incredibly modern and chic and well, I can’t wait to use it!

I’m going out with my best friend tonight – we’re going for a walk and then for dinner. It will be perfect!

And I love Hoyden for Life’s Tote Bags and Accessories!

They are durable and meant to be used (unlike most totes that I use and are completely wrecked after only 3 months of being used to carry groceries and books from the library), but look so great!

I love the patterns and colours they create and each season is different! You can see the Fall Collection here. See what I mean? Simply wonderful!

They don’t have their summer ones available on the website, but you can view them all here.

The Emily Long Canvas Tote can hold up to a 17” laptop (it’s huge!) and has a padded side to keep it from getting damaged. The interior open pocket has 3 large compartments for keys, cellphone, iPod, etc. The tiny little flower design, complete with bounding bunny rabbit is so feminine and summery, you may want to get two! I also got the sweetest little cellphone holder in this pattern. Too cute!

I didn’t get the My Pleasure Laminated Tote but I did get the Zippy Case that goes with it. I love the modern design and the pea soup green of the flowers. I think it’s so fantastic that they designed it so that the zipper goes all the way around so you can actually see and access what’s inside. There’s also a ton of dividers and pockets to keep your stuff organized, including a large mesh pocket on the inside and a large pocket on the outside. You can use it for cosmetics or computer accessories and cables. But whatever you use it for, the case is going to make it look soooo good!

And for a really contemporary look, get the Mocking Bird Split Canvas Tote. I’ve never seen a split tote before, but man is it comfortable to wear and use! See, the short handles wouldn’t normally fit over your shoulder, but thanks to the innovative split design, you can wear it with great comfort and ease. Brilliant! And I love the modern striped with stamp printed birds in a tree. Tres of the moment. And there is a zippered pocket on the inside to keep your essentials.

But I think my favourite Hoyden Bag is the Money Penny Laminated Sling Tote, only because of it’s incredibly sweet ladybug design, the colours – soft blue, rose and black, the laminated outside for any weather (here, we need all the help we can get!) and thick minty blue woven strap with industrial silver hardware. Mmm! And there’s a zippered pocket too.

I can’t wait to try out their Fall Collection next!

And because I haven’t forgotten about those of you who schlep your laptops to and from the office or work out of your car (poor Cindy!), I’ve found great bags at Lexie Barnes!

I got the Superstar in Diablo, and I’ve got to say, it’s the largest bag I’ve ever seen. It’s so roomy, you could almost fit Cosmo, our 18 pound cat into it!

I love that it will hold anything that you could possibly need to bring with you. You can use it for work or the gym or as a carry-on. It suits your lifestyle, whatever that may be.

And to me, that’s really thinking!

The wild red and purple pattern is made from water-resistant taffeta with a nylon interior. And the pockets – well, they never end! There’s a large zippered one in the front and a slim one in the back. There’s 5 inside and 2 inside. Wow! I love it! Padding on the bottom and back protect your laptop and other essentials and the adjustable, padded, non-slip shoulder strap allows you to carry a ton of stuff without the strap digging into your shoulder and leaving you lopsided for days. And a hidden pocket gives you and only you access to your keys or ID or whatever you want to keep in there.

This bag is going to rock your world. No more slugging 4 bags across the parking lot (poor Cindy!).

I am going to have a fantastic summer, thanks to all of these rockin’ bags!

I know that people think that women’s love of bags is all about appearances and being shallow, but thanks to KOCH Handbags , Hoyden for Life and Lexie Barnes, I can carry what I need to wherever I am, whatever the occasion and still look good. I think that’s pretty priceless, don’t you?

Stephanie Dickison

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