Listening to Music Just Got A Whole Lot Better Thanks To ifrogz’s Accessories!

I don’t know if you know this, but I rock out at my desk most of the week. I have my ear buds on, my music cranked and sometimes I’m so moved by the beat, that I get up outta my chair and dance for a song or two!

I know that a writer should probably be a little more serious but I can’t help myself. I am a slave to the beat.

But what I noticed was that the sounds of living in downtown were seeping in. I had to keep turning the music up to wash out the sounds of the clunking trucks going by, the occasional siren and the bus’s hydraulic whoosh every 5 minutes was messing with my Kat DeLuna, Thievery Corporation or Clipse.

But ifrogz’s Earpollution D-33 Heaphones fixed all of that.

Often you see noise isolating properties in big cylindrical headphones, but not often in a bud that fits securely in your ear!

They come in a variety of colours (I got pretty in pink) and includes a sweet little hard case that’s fantastic for traveling – and finding in amongst your stuff – along with 3 ear fits so that you can find a size that’s comfortable just for you, which is fantastic, as my fella and I need different sizes.

They deliver such a great sound – have you heard the first track off of Mariah’s latest? She hits the highest note - you’ll think you’re listening to feedback somehow or that your player has just died (The album though is good, it’s just that first note…).

And the little ifrogz radioactive symbol on them just oozes uber-cool.

To carry your iPod or mp3 player, along with the rest of your essentials, get ifrogz’s Metrobagz.

It is a fantastic way to listen to music and keep all of your most important stuff close at hand.

It comes is a host of colours (I got pink to match my headphones) and has a headphone port at the top so that you can slip your headphone cord through and listen to your tunes comfortably while walking, hiking or working out.

I have been known to stuff mine with my wallet, passport (it’s a great travel bag!), phone, camera, notebook and pen, gum and baby carrots along with my mp3 player full of good tunes! There are 3 pockets, one especially for your player and a nice big rubber zipper pull, so you can always get to your stuff easily.

The bottom of the bag has a water-resistant rubber casing, so you can set it down and not worry about it getting all messed up and the adjustable, removable strap allows you to wear it how it’s most comfortable for you. There is also reflective striping along the front, so you can use it while riding your bike, walking or running and feel safe.

ifrogz has so much to offer, but for me, I’ll always be most grateful to them for helping me to rock out - at my desk while writing and on the go.

Stephanie Dickison

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