Goody’s New Hair Accessories and Brushes Are Right in Line for Today’s Summer Styles!

Chances are, you probably have something of Goody’s in your closet or bathroom cabinet – a Goody’s hairbrush, elastics or barrettes.

Goody has been a go-to company for years, and every season, they come out with more incredible stuff!

Look at what I got this season, which I’m totally excited about and completely accessorize my spring and summer wardrobes!

I am loving the Blonde Collection, which has accessories just for me and my hair colour (Don’t worry – there’s Brunette, Red and Black Hair Collections too, so know that the clips, hairbands, elastics and brushes that I have, you can get in your matching hair colour as well!)

I got the ColourCollection Half Claw that comes 2 to a pack – in a lowlight and a highlight blonde colour so that they both match my hair. They also come with StayPut Slip Proof Hold Treads that keep it in place, so finally I can wear a clip and not worry about it falling out mid-walk or mid-meeting!

I have been wearing these constantly since I got them. They allow me to quickly put my hair up with ease and I can do what I’ve gotta do – walk, run, shop, eat and it holds up - I love it!

I am also rocking the Bobby Pins – all these years I’ve been wearing black ones! I love that I can pull my hair back in an elegant fashion – finally! Where have these been all my life?!

To also keep my hair in place, the Contour Clips are great (and check out the ones from the StayPut Collection for great accent colours to go with your outfit!) .

And the Ribbon Wrapped Headband is going to be my summer savior, I know it. Once the humidity hits and my hair goes wonky, this will save me – big time!

The weird thing is that it looks like my own hair - you thread it through your head and it looks like you’ve spent hours on styling your hair! Love it!

For a nice sleek look, I like the Goody-Glamarama Headband. In one second my hair goes to “not-so-much” to “wow.” I’m not kidding. I love this thing!

From the Iconoclass Collection, I feel Grace Kelly elegant with the Goody-Iconoclass Ponytailer that “holds 52% better than traditional ponytailers. “ The gemstone on it is just a little something extra that takes your ponytail to being everyday to something special.

I want all my ponytail holders to look this good!

And from the Styling Therapy Collection, I am using the Protect Colour Brush to keep my blonde (but shh… not so natural) hair looking luminous! The brush has a nice hefty weight to it and the thick boar bristles keeps your colour from fading and makes it look a little more vibrant. Nice. No need to spend time in the bathroom with different rinses and glosses – just give your hair a good brush. Ahhh… isn’t that awesome?

They also have brushes to Add Shine and Reduce Dandruff, so just brush and go!

I am looking sleek and styled thanks to Goody Hair Accessories! And no one needs to know how easy it is – brush, clip, band or tie your hair and you’re red carpet ready, no joke.

Go see what they’ve got for your hair colour! You’re going to love their stuff!

Stephanie Dickison

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