Embarrassing Clothing Slip-Ups Are History Thanks to Bug Catcherz!

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that there’s always something going on with my clothes – a gap between buttons on my blouse erupts, my strapless top won’t stay put, and my tank top straps end up off my shoulder.

I can't stand having to constantly adjust my clothing, but I also can’t afford to get everything tailor made.

Then I found Bug Catcherz, a line of sticky products (read: fashion tape) that keep your clothes where they are supposed to be.

What a relief! Now I can go about my day and not have to worry about things popping out, flopping around or falling down!

I use No See ‘ems to keep my shirts in line and from my bra from peeking out between button holes and No See ‘ems Too to keep my spaghetti straps up, hold my pants up off the ground if I’m wearing low or flat shoes and anywhere I need a little closure or help. I love that there is no residue and is safe for most fabrics and skin types.

The BUTTerflies don’t have to used to keep your underwear up or in place if you don’t want to. My undies aren’t where the problems lie. But if you watch the BUTTerflies video, you’ll see a woman using them to keep her shirt over her bra so it will stay in place and she won’t have to tug at it all day – now that’s what I’m talking about!

The Lacebugz Hold-in-Place Wedding Pack will surely be a lifesaver to this year’s brides everywhere!

And the Lacebugz Hold-in-Place Formal Wear Pack has actually changed how much I wear strapless tops and dresses!

I just peel and stick and put my top in place and there’s no more hitching it up, or worrying about it dropping to my knees as I walk across the room or dance to Mariah’s latest. I wore my strapless tops so rarely because of all the holding and worrying that goes on, but tomorrow night when my fella and I go out for dinner, I will be baring my tanned (fake) shoulders with ease!

For once.

Ahh. It feels so good to have your clothes remain in place finally! And to be able to wear everything in your closet? Fanfreakintastic!

Stephanie Dickison

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