Earth Therapeutics Clean + Cool Line Keep My Tootsies Looking – and Feeling – Great!

Ahh. It’s finally sandal weather!

It feels so good to get out of those boots I’ve been wearing all winter long and get my feet out into the open!

I’ve pulled out all of my summer sandals but my feet need a little help before showing off my tender little tenders – it was a long, long winter.

I’ve found everything I need from Earth Therapeutics.

First, I used The Pedicure-To-Go Kit.

It is wildly inexpensive - $6.99 – and offers a whole set of premium quality, professional grade implements, all in a travel case that you can take with you anywhere!

It’s got everything – a stainless steel toenail clipper, stainless steel cuticle trimmer, angled, reusable plastic cuticle pusher (a nice change from those wood ones) and a three surface nail file.

After fixing my nails, I gave my feet a wipe with Clean + Cool Foot Wipes. They come 15 sheets to a package and thanks to tea tree oil and wild mint, they instant cool and refresh your feet! It’s weird, but they actually feel completely cool on your feet – how do they do that? The wipes come in a resealable pouch so you can take them with you or just use them as needed, without worrying about them drying out!

I think with how hot this summer’s going to be, these are going to be a must-have to keep your feet feeling fresh and revived!

And to tend to your cracked heels, Earth Therapeutics Cracked Heel Repair turns your feet from gnarly, thick monsters to beautiful little things, thanks to antiseptic Tea Tree Oil and thick Shea Butter. And feel free to use it on your elbows, knees and hands – you’ll be smooth all over! There’s no mineral oil, paraffin wax or animal products, so you can feel good about using it too!

So now that my feet are sandal-ready, the only question remains – gold, cork-heeled wedge sandals or pink crocodile (fake, of course) slides?

Stephanie Dickison

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