DaysAgo Digital Day Counter Saves My Leftovers – And My Sanity!

Last week was my fella’s birthday and we ending up having about 20 people over. I had cooked all day to make sure people had enough food while consuming wine, beer and cocktails.

While there wasn’t much left, I did package up some of the pasta, salads and the few remaining chicken pieces for us to have for lunches over the weekend.

Then the weekend came and I was out reviewing restaurants and going to a late night film festival with one of my favourite friends.

By mid-week, I had so many containers full of food that I didn’t know what was from when. Our fridge was bursting with leftovers, but how long ago did I make the lamb shanks with orzo and what night was it that I brought home Mediterranean fare from that uptown restaurant?

Our fridge is always full of food, but it can be a real mess with me cooking at home and then eating out so much. I tried setting up a system of putting things in the back first, but then they ended up just sitting back there until way past their expiry date.

So of course I was thrilled to find DaysAgo, a digital day counter that tells you exactly what day you put in the fridge and then you can decide when it’s time to throw it out.

It counts up to 99 days – more than enough – and comes in both magnetic, suction and band options. You don’t have it use them for just food, but of course for me, this is where it’s most useful.

You can use it on jars of condiments so that you know when you first opened it (I can’t honestly say how long that jar of hot mustard has been there, but it’s outlasted most things in our fridge’s door…).

Ever since we’ve had days ago, I’ve been feeling a lot more relaxed when I go to the fridge. I don’t have to try and remember when I did everything. Life’s too busy to stress about whether the chicken piccata is still good!

Buy yours here. You won’t believe what a saving grace it is.

Stephanie Dickison

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