Danielle & Company’s Soaps Has Something for Everyone – Including Men!

With covering so many fashion and beauty products, you probably think that this I only cover women’s products. Well, I do try and keep the men in mind (I cover travel, eco and technology items to name just a few) and today is one of those days that there’s something especially for the boys.

Danielle & Company, while they do make soaps for women, have a whole section for men. Actually, three sections – Classic Man, Modern Man and Manly Man.

I gave the Manly Man Soap to my fella to try and see what he thought.

He liked the smell (a musky, manly scent of sandalwood, cedarwood and jasmine) and thought it cleaned well.

That’s as much as a description as I could get and well, it’s not a bad one frankly.

On the website, it’s described as:

Experience: Pure Aphrodisiac
Description: This exciting scent is created to stimulate his senses and arouse his inhibitions.”

Well then.

The thing you should know about the soap though, is that it smells a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Like leather couches, scotches and men cutting wood. Like sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Well, not quite like sex, etc., but you know what I mean.

And it has butter, coconut oil, and other ingredients to soften the skin.

There are lots of soaps that he can use too that aren’t under the “man” section.

The Apricot Scrub will scrub away all of his rough patches with real ground apricot seeds and soften his skin with shea butter and a blend of natural botanical oils that keep his skin smooth and silky.

And the Lavender and Spearmint smells so clean and fresh - without being too flowery - so it’s also a good choice for the boys.

I’m not saying that us girls can’t use them, but I thought today I’d let the men know that I’m thinking about them too.

Stephanie Dickison

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