Tired of Wearing Uncomfortable Earbuds All the Time While Listening to Music or Watching TV? Then Get the Music Pillow For Total Listening Comfort!

The Music Pillow from Gadget4all is a fantastic way to listen to music or watch television without having to sit with uncomfortable earbuds in your ears or worry about long cords and wires getting in your way.

This fun, inflatable pillow (inflation tube included so no huffing and puffing required!) allows you to rest your head comfortably and hear your movie or song with ease. The speakers are placed on either side of your head so you don’t have to constantly shift or move in order to hear.

The pillow takes 4 AA batteries (not included), which gives you 10 hours of continuous play, which is better than some mp3 players and can be transported easily for use while traveling, which I am grateful for, especially for long trips!

It turns out that “listening to music before bedtime helps to soothe tension, stimulate certain waves of the brain, create neurological calm and improve the quality of sleep,” so this could be the tool that you’ve always needed in order to get a good night’s sleep!

It comes in pink and blue and if you snuggle up real close, two people can watch the same show or listen to music at the same time.

I know because I tested it with my fella.

Only thing is, we both like it so much, now I think we're going to have to get one for each of us!

Stephanie Dickison

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